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The Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. This means that in the 21st century, year 2022, mostly men, corrupt men, one of which isa rapist, -Kavanaugh- another whose wife involvement in the Jan 6th insurrection, -Thomas- makes him bias and not worthy of the post he occupies. Most of whom are bible thumping fanatics -Barrett-, have decided they should tell women what to do with their bodies. It is outrageous and inhuman that a victim of rape must carry to term the product of such violence inflicted upon her by a criminal who chose to take away her dignity, pride, and self-esteem. Children are not god-sent. They are organic matter produce by the union of a male sperm and woman’s egg, something that at first is an embryo, a parasite that requires a host to evolve, and therefore not a viable being.

We are living in a time of extreme ignorance, all thanks to religion. The alt-right embrace such stupidity only because it empowers them in their willful lack of knowledge and inability to evolve. We are facing an assault on women’s health and this violation by the alt-right will not stop there, it will trickle down to contraception, to LGTBQIA+ rights. Religious zealots are attacking us and they want to take the country back to a time when freedom did not exist and only Caucasians could enjoy life everyone else relegated to a second-class sort of status, including women, whose only respectable duty was staying home cooking, cleaning, and raising children. In other words, a time of ignorance, division, and outright discrimination.

The people condoning this are enemies of science and most importantly of women’s right over their own bodies. This is an assault on women, this is not something we must allow to go on, everything and anything to bring down such mentalities of oppression and disrespect towards women. Overturning Roe v. Wade cost women their lives because their pregnancy might be a danger to their health, or it is the product of sexual assault. And bottom line regardless of the reason, it is up to the host whether they will carry a parasite in their body or not.

It is infuriating to think that 6 people only 1 of which is a female, are making decisions over what a woman can do with her body. As the words go on the page the stupidity of this becomes more evident. Last time we looked, we would not allow anyone to tell us what to do, with the only thing in this world we can call our own, our bodies.

And now those same white supremacists, who engage in racism and want to oppress and do away with anyone who does not resemble them, or is different in any way, have now again committed mass murder. How can we stand idly by and allow this to go on? When did we all decide to lay down and take this abuse, to take these crimes and only hope the next one does not affect us directly? When did we become so weak? This is all due to the narrowmindedness and ignorance that religion subjugates us to maintain, and it drives us to hate anything and anyone that is different in any way.

Those people working against women’s rights, are the same people condoning police brutality, emboldening white supremacists and hate groups. They are all bundle up in one big political party and hate group known as the Republican Party, Conservatives, bible thumping, wannabe Christians who hate everything and everyone that doesn’t go along with their archaic ideas, and hide their despise behind a veil of supposed love for humanity, in reality the only thing these individuals love is their hate for anyone who isn’t as ignorant and narrow minded as they are and who is also against progress and freedom.

These are the same people who condone the massacre in Uvalde, where 19 children, the oldest being 11 years old and 2 teachers murdered by an 18-year-old worthless loser who had access to an assault weapon, they condone it by not passing stricter laws to prohibit anyone buying such a weapon only meant to cause massive casualties.

We must stop those Republican/Conservative alt-right individuals, we must remove them from power, we must shut them down and make them irrelevant, otherwise we are doomed.

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