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WE MUST FACE FACTS: And call scum what it is.

To say we must remain vigilant is an understatement. We have a traitor to our Constitution, -Trump-, who tried to stage a coup, after being unable to steal the election in 2020 as he succeeded with the help of Putin back in 2016.

A staunch Republican Judge Michael Luttig stated before Congress under oath that Trump and his followers pose “a clear and present danger to our democracy.”

These Republicans/Conservatives are the same individuals who had something to do with the results of the 2000 election when Gore “supposedly” lost after a recount, coincidentally the discrepancy was in Florida. These Republicans/ Conservatives are the same who without a doubt allowed a corrupt and racist individual such as Trump to win the election of 2016, even though there was corruption and assurance that Russia had interfered in our electoral process. These are the same, Republicans/Conservatives who throughout the years have enacted laws to take away rights from minorities and blocked anything that might benefit those people who are not Caucasian and bible-thumping stuck in primitive ideas of oppressing and denying any sort of progress based on facts and science. These are the same people among whom their bible-thumping and religious zealotry we find sexual predators, child molesters, and rapists thriving. Those who hide their sick and predatory behavior behind the guise of family values and Christianity. These Republican/Conservative individuals discriminate against individuals of other races, especially those who are black, accusing people of being criminals based on the color of their skin, even if the individual is just walking down the street, shopping, or just minding their own business in their own home.

And yet, these same Republican/Conservative people dare refer to others as being child molesters, racists, and others engaging in conspiracy theories to overturn elections. They are the party of projection, they are the racist, sexual predators, rapists, child molesters, racists, who have conspired to overturn elections, who have stormed the Capitol to avoid a transition of power. They are criminals and liars, therefore, judge others based on who they are.

And those same people participated in a failed coup, now I ask, after this failed coup why are not those who instigated it and those who participated in it in prison. Such an act is a blatant assault on the nation, they are traitors to the constitution and are “criminals,” that should be arrested, handcuffed, and thrown in prison. And as they sit in prison their lawyers could always negotiate deals but make sure such a treasonous act never takes place, and those who still believe such an act justified, well they should be incarcerated and shut down.

This will tell us law-abiding citizens and the world, that absolutely in the United States of America no one is above the law. That in the United States of America we abide by laws and by-elections and the people have a right to vote for whom they wished to be led by, and for those who do not agree then the ballot box is there for future elections and the right to speak against whom they disagree with. But when the sanctity of our freedom is threatened and fascists wish to take over the nation, then we will all rise and with great might struck them down.

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