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As a new year begins, we need to put in perspective what this nation has become. It used to be a beacon of hope, justice, ethics, nowadays if far from that, we have seen one of the major political parties, -Republican-, show its true colors of what it means to be one of its members. We can now say that being a Republican means that you are a racist, that you agree with the current administration which is full of billionaires who have acquired this wealth under questionable means. Corruption, lying, deceit is an everyday thing coming out of a house that is supposed to epitomize righteousness and honesty.

Not anymore can the United States of America take a high road in criticizing a nation for corruption or lying, we unfortunately have become one of them. We have come to realize that those in positions of power have always been there only to fill their pockets indifferent as to where this come from or to what extent their and the USA’s security is at risk. Those who have served in the military are now appalled that a five-time draft dodger due to bone spurs and who was then playing in sports in College, now dare call others traitors

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