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Don’t you find it hilarious? How the far-right domestic terrorists better known as Republicans/Conservatives love to throw around conspiracy theories. We know they like to project unto others what they truly are, they call democrats pedophiles, well, I have heard of a lot of Republican/Conservatives accused of the heinous crime against children, and there are witnesses and records of these allegations. They have of course been kept quite because those accused have "powerful friends” who will suppress anything that tarnishes one of their own. But here are some names, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Preacher Stephen White, Jim Jordan U.S. Rep for the OH participated in a cover-up of sexual abuse by his friend a wrestling coach at OSU, the list goes on and on and I will post a link here where you can find all the names of suppose Christian men, who in reality are nothing but perverted, corrupt and disgusting dirty old men who should be in prison.

MeinPillow Hoods: - List of Republican Pedophiles (

Republicans love to spout accusations of racism towards Democrats, while they Republican/Conservatives support and hold white nationalists close to their heart, most of whom stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th in an act of domestic terrorism. They accused of rigging elections and stealing them, when we know well the presidential election of 2016 was rigged by Republicans with Russia’s help to elect Trump. And this -Trump- in turn attempted to steal the election in 2020 and made phone calls, threatened, and did about anything possible to have this election overturned in his favor.

So, who are the corrupt, who are the liars, who are the sexual offenders, who are the racist, yes, Republican/Conservatives are the ones guilty of those offenses. They are the ones who keep us from moving forward and working towards a better future. And while this is happening, what are Democrats doing? Nothing, just worried about the midterm elections and acting like a bunch of cowards.

We need to get in the Republican’s faces and accused them of what there is proof of them being, to hell with diplomacy, to hell with unity. We do not want to unite with racists, ignorant bible-thumping fools, who want to think it is ok for a child of twelve to marry, but then accuse others of pedophilia. Those who condemn a woman for taking care of herself and choosing to end a pregnancy she cannot carry through, but then feel it is ok to separate children from their parents at the border who just seek to escape poverty, violence, and persecution. No, we do not want to be in the same room with domestic terrorists who preach racism and despise the rule of law and tried to inflict harm and murder those elected officials doing their job. No, we do not want to be close to people who epitomized what we instruct our children not to be.

We don’t want to be united not even in the same room with such ignorance that claims a book where the main character has two dads is indoctrinating children to be gay, but don’t realize those who went to school in the past and read books about children having moms and dads, still to this day are gay and weren’t indoctrinated in being heterosexual. No, we do not want such disease of willful ignorance and narrow mindedness near us.

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