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Why do we forget so quickly? We witnessed these acts of violence, blatant racism, and disregard for human decency, and yet we get distracted by another similar act, or settle for a police officer being fired or resigning. And while the victim endures pain for the violence to which they were subjected, the culprit gets to go about his or her business without a care in the world. Is this really justice, is this fair?

And -let’s not rely on the cliché life is not fair, to excuse this type of transgressions-.

Many police officers have murder people under the pretense the suspect posed an immediate danger to the officers themselves; however, at the time the suspect was running away from those same officers or was on the ground already subdued by those trigger happy/power hungry officers, or they were sitting in their cars reaching for the documentation the officer requested. Or they were shot while watching television in their own apartment, but the police officer supposedly confused the apartment for their own. Or they were just sleeping and suddenly succumb to a barrage of gun fire. And after these blatant injustices where are those criminals? Some get the luxury of retirement, others just get to resign and by that can go to another town and get hired as police officers and continue with their corrupt and unjust ways. Others might be fired. But without exception, they all get to go on with their lives, surely not caring about what they did to others, and getting away with that crime without any punishment.

This is the time when we all should come in, well by us all, it means those of us who believe in justice, those of us who believe in inclusion and the right of everyone to live freely and forge own our destiny, we must keep track of those transgressors and what they did, keep it documented and presented all over their social media, town where they reside, and employment they might have. And among these murdering cops, we must also include those who brazenly exhibit their racism and hate towards others who are not Caucasian, they must also face consequences, their neighbors, employers, customers -if they have a business-, make sure everyone who surrounds them is aware of their true character and divisive beliefs.

We must not take those words of forgive and forget, so literal. Because when we forget others just as bad or worse rise up under the guise of such acts not being true, and forgive, well we are saying all right that was bad but we mustn’t hold grudges, so again that type of criminals who take nobility and respect as a sign of weakness will take advantage of respectful and law abiding citizens. They will continue to inflict pain and commit the same crimes that those before them committed and went unpunished.

There are too many of us who stand on the right and just side of social and race issues and for that reason we must use that power to overcome negativity and division, to shut down those who express such hate, white supremacists, proud boys, nationalists, most of whom are republican and conservatives. We must come down on those who preach hate as on avalanche, descend on them with greater force and let them know their beliefs are wrong and will not be allowed. Politicians who hold such ideals as the pulpits upon which they preach and seek office, must be brought down, and held accountable for such division and many of whom should be investigated for in their rise questionable behavior on their part, or those associated with them have been swept under the rug.

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