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UKRAINE: First victim of an assassin's obsession with power.

What is going on in Ukraine is so obvious, we should all be protesting the indifference directed at this nation. True, Ukraine is not a major player in the world’s affairs, however, the consequences of this country’s invasion by Russia and its leader a known dictator and assassin of those who disagree with him, -Putin-, can be catastrophic. Because next to Ukraine is Poland and Romania and what will happen with those nations, so on and so forth.

Putin wants to go back to the days when the Soviet Union existed and controlled a great part of Europe. It doesn’t take a genius, nor expert in Foreign Policy to see this obvious act of war, by a man -Putin-, who does as he pleases because there is no one in the world who will stand up to him and show him that many have as much as force as him and can be just as cruel and his nation could be obliterated if necessary.

Such an individual, a bully, does not reason nor understand decency, such a person only responds to aggressiveness, threatening him with sanctions, is like threatening a bully in school with telling the teacher, no a bully will only stop bothering us when we beat the crap out of him.

And then we have Republicans and their “news” media backing Putin for what he is doing, now praising a man who is an enemy of the United States is treason, consequently domestic terrorists; why aren’t these people arrested?

The United States current state of division since Republicans decided to elect a racist, lying, corrupt, traitor and sexual predator -Trump- for president, these same people are those praising Putin. Those hypocrites who elected such a disgusting individual for president were unmasked and we all got to see for the first time those whom we might have respected in the past, but now realized were the kind of people we instruct our children not to be like. We realized those we called friends and even family members are nothing but racist, homophobic, misogynist, and so-called Christians who instead are against everything a religious and caring individual is supposed to stand for.

Well, now that we know whom we are dealing with, it is up to us, the vast majority who believe the opposite such group of ignoramuses pursue, the removal and shutting down of such despicable people who burn books, who insult a woman going into a clinic to seek relief from what is growing inside her. And once individuals are no longer of consequence, us, the majority will then stand up to anyone going against our nation and with force, unified by ideals and not what we force to be close to only because out of nowhere we were there, then our nation will be powerful, then we will be working for us all, then we will be able to breathe in peace and enjoy fairness and justice.

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