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THE 1619 PROJECT: Injustice and inhumanity.

The 1619 project is based on work from writer Nikole Hanna Jones long-form journalism. It starts with the arrival of a group of slaves into the United States of America. This is the first act of inhumanity that gives rise to many atrocities being inflicted on a race of people because of the color of their skin. The pervasive lack of humanity and respect for another human being makes the skin crawl with anger and sadness, for a person to inflict such horrific torture upon another is incomprehensible.

There is a clear systemic process in which black people and members of other races are hindered from having and enjoying the rights and privileges the Anglo-Saxons are entitled to in a nation built on literally the blood and sweat of enslaved people, and whose descendants now are discriminated, brutally beaten by law enforcement, and killed.

Are they victims of a system set on keeping people of color from being one hundred percent free to enjoy everything the United States of America has to offer? Yes. Are people of color, or should we instead say, people of another race, by pure instinct from the white, treated differently and looked on as intruders and out of place? Yes.

There are those in government who in spite of these realities, still refuse to accept them and instead chose to ban the teaching of such atrocities in our schools. They are ashamed, they are afraid of these realities being shown because then their belief system and everything they have taught their children will be nothing but ideas founded on paranoia and hatred.

That is why we need to draw a red line and once and for all declared, if a person supports such ideas of division then that individual is an enemy of the state, and an extremist who must be held accountable for such beliefs, and above all not elected to any type of office, but if voted into such a position of government by of a group of equally ignorant, racist, and deplorable beings, then he or she must be removed from that station by any means necessary because that official is a danger to society.

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