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SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG: MO in United States Government.

So, we have a corrupt former president who incited an insurrection, being investigated among many other things, for taking classified documents to his residence upon leaving the White House. A crime that could result in an indictment, surely jail time if he were not a Caucasian wealthy male. But because such would cause a division in the country, -as if the division doesn’t already exist and will remain-, suddenly we are led to believe that lawyers working for President Biden, unexpectedly found some classified documents in his home; really?!

If this is not the biggest load of excrement thrown in our faces so far, it sure comes close to being. This only gives the alt-right political fodder to throw back in say see, “Biden is also guilty of the same thing they are investigating Trump for”, and what might eventually happen? We live in a country where things are swept under the rug, and the public is given a version that we agree with because we are just that pathetic. There will be some legal wranglings, but in the end, no one will be indicted for anything, Trump will get away with everything he has done, and who knows he might be the Republican nominee in 2024, and to appease the conspiracy theorists they might make him President again because the United States of America loves the shock value of surprises and unprecedented events.

Yes, we live in a country where major issues are swept under the rug because if the truth is found out, the false foundation upon which this country is based will collapse like a deck of cards. Let’s start with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, are we to believe that a simpleton dumb ass murdered the president of the United States at such distance, in a matter of seconds, with a not-very-sophisticated weapon, or instead do we look at President Kennedy a man way ahead of his time, who posed a danger to many powerful people who weren’t ready to have a major shift in the country’s direction? What about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy? Are we to believe that these powerful men were assassinated by single individuals who just didn’t agree with these men’s views? No, they were ahead of their time with ideas that went against the status quo the powerful wanted to maintain for their gain. Fred Hampton leader of the Panther Group was brutally murdered by police officers in a calculated and brutal manner and no one was ever held accountable. Money was paid to the Hampton estate and another matter swept under the proverbial and don’t ruffle any feathers, rug.

The Watergate scandal happened because it was handled by an unbiased press, who thoroughly investigated the matter, witnesses who came forward, who were not followers of an antisocial psychopath, and who spoke the truth about what had taken place. A few years later, the Iran Contra Affair came about, Colonel Oliver North took the blame, and poor little Ronnie Reagan was cleared of any wrongdoing. And once again everything was swept under the rug because us pathetic public believed what they told us and like good little kids we went about our business. George Bush Sr. decided to start a war in Iraq because this country invaded Kuwait, but he could not oust Saddam Hussein despite having spent money and had American soldiers die for no apparent reason. But oh well another matter to just forget about, because what’s the point of dwelling on what can’t be changed, so let’s sweep it under the rug. Then came George W. Bush who used the tragedy of 9/11 to finish the job his father couldn’t, that being getting rid of Saddam Hussein, but not doing anything to punish those guilty of the tragic events that took the lives of 2,977 Americans. Oh, but he got rid of Saddam Hussein under the lie of weapons of mass destruction that supposedly the Iraqi dictator possessed, but after much search, the conclusion was reached Hussein never had possession of such weapons. Once again, let’s just forget about it, because hey we have work to do, and we can’t do anything about it, so let’s once again forget about it.

And then comes Trump, a known corrupt individual, racist, and rapist, -yes just because the law hasn’t convicted him, doesn’t mean 25 women are lying about his predatory sexual crimes-. Who colluded with the Russians and stole the election in 2016, then vacationed more than any other president and used his properties to visit and charge the government for said outings, even though he lied on national television when he said he would divest himself of all properties. Millions of taxpayers’ money were paid to his properties for the many visits he made to them. Then covid happened and 1,107.013 died because of his negligence and outright stupidity. And then to end everything he tried to overturn the election of 2020, by trying to steal just enough votes to appear as the winner, but when this didn’t happen he decided to incite an insurrection by telling his followers a mob comprised of ignorant, racist, and impressionable criminals to storm the capitol and in doing so killing police officers who did their job and stood in these terrorist’s way.

And just an interesting fact, look at the political affiliation of those Presidents who have broken the law and betrayed the Constitution they “swore” to uphold. Trump didn’t happen out of the blue, his rise and his deeds were a natural event based on past deeds, this is like an addiction, no one starts as an addict, it is a slow progression, and day after day it gets worse.

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