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These so-called Christians and bible-thumpers uphold, racism, corruption, sexual predators, traitors, and domestic terrorists. They take away women’s rights. They believe it is ok for a child to marry an older man or expect a child -as it was reported recently- only 10 years old who had been raped, to carry that pregnancy to full term.

This is inconceivable, we allow such ignorant and primitive minds to have a saying in how we should conduct ourselves. Really?!!! There is nothing such an individual can teach me, or that I might consider wise, other than their demise. These are the same people who support a man who while being president -Trump-, violated the oath he took to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, and instigated an insurrection. Yes! We are the court of public opinion; we heard the man on television tell his deplorable and gullible followers to go and fight for their country. He told them to march to the capitol and overturn the election he lost, and then we saw those people storm the capitol, attack police officers, hurt police officers, and murder police officers, so is he guilty? Yes, he is, he is a traitor, a terrorist, a racist, a corrupt individual, a sexual predator, yes.

But guess what? The reason he is so eager to announce his candidacy to run again for president in 2024 is that according to some ridiculous law a candidate can’t be investigated for a criminal offense while he or she is running for office!!! How absurd and stupid is this law, if any time is good enough to investigate someone, it is when they are running for an office that will affect our entire nation, or is this too obvious for some to see?

Corruption is rubbed in our faces by those who have a saying in changing them, but of course, nothing would be done because they must protect their own, and those they condemn today will stand to judge them back tomorrow because none of them are free from guilt. Laws are created to keep them in their criminal positions, furthermore, to absolve them if any blame should come to them for violating those mandates they swore to uphold. It is a never-ending cycle of stealing, condemning others for doing the same thing, but then not doing anything to correct matters, but only to appease the masses who must struggle to make ends meet and surrender ourselves to the will of the few by using self-condescending and pathetic words of cowardice such as, “it doesn’t matter what I say or do…”

We must go out and vote blue, we must reduce the Republican party to nothing, because they only work to oppress us, to keep us in need, to keep us hungry. They are bullies, cowards who talk a big game but are only interested in filling their pockets. They tell their constituents what they want to hear but they are corrupt and unethical in their dealings. But just like Trump said he loves the uneducated, the Republican Party prays on these gullible people’s insecurities and fears. Stringing them along promising to make their lives better while blaming others. The Republican Party is excellent at pointing out errors and accusing anyone of what is wrong but is never able to offer a solution. The Republican Party is the enemy of progress, fairness, and well-being, this party is only good for those who are millionaires and benefit from the masses’ struggle, it is therefore obvious the Republican Party, is not for the people.

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