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Disturbing to realize such life changing matters are left for a handful of individuals more concerned with material gain, than truth. Oppression of masses has existed for as long as humans have existed, usually a small group of individuals have risen by any means necessary and in so doing subjected the masses by keeping them hungry for food, starving for knowledge, and humiliated by need with lies and wishful thoughts no one really believes. But they cling to said hopes just to not be so overwhelmed by the misery around them. From the very beginning of our existences we are lied, told fantastic stories of flying birds delivering infants, of a kind of kings born on a day when we are given material things wrapped in colorful papers. And an ageless man flying on carriage being pulled by wingless herbivores will deliver to us as his obese frame slides down a small opening on our home’s roofs.

Everything sounds as if we are disgusted by reality and try to ameliorate this by inventing and repeating lies. And such denials are internalized and because of our refusal to accept reality, we dig the hole the hole of our existence deeper and the space around us becomes smaller and we find ourselves unable to breathe, almost buried alive. But we cannot see beyond our noses, for terror of what might be out there, who might we find, how will they treat us, could we trust them, will they love us, care for us. Trust of others is hard to come because we are hesitant about ourselves. We have been lied and we deceive in return and we lose sight of the truth; the reality that has stared us in the face since we first became self-aware of ourselves.

It is no wonder therefore others who do not look like us, speak like us, dress like us, think like us are rejected. And fear turns into violence to avoid what is unknown. Non-Caucasian individuals are mistreated, insulted, and even killed. But ignorance, willful that is, will refuse enlightenment, because this is ingrained in their being, surrounded with arrogance and hard headedness that will block any type of change. We are afraid to investigate ourselves, because then we will see we are only projecting, and we will realize the deceptions to which we have been subjected, and we continue to indulge.

Republicans refuse to open their minds and realize those they have elected will not do anything to protect them, much less make their lives better. They were lied to about election being stolen by one person, and that same person this week right before the cameras said there is no question the election was not stolen. That same person stood before Congress and stated that it was obvious the then president -Trump- was responsible for the insurrection, only to turn around and say no, -Trump- had nothing to do with this. A long standing and powerful member of Congress was ousted this week from her power position only because she spoke the truth and called out the previous occupant of the White House for what he truly is.

We must expose the liars; we must make them known to everyone. We will not be able to move forward and take care of other issues until basic human decency and respect is the law of the land, understood and practiced by everyone towards everybody. We must hold accountable those who are wrong. No one has a right to preach hate, and Republicans/Conservatives either endorse and practice such behavior or remain silent and turn a blind eye to what stands before them. Every politician who does not disavow the previous occupant of the White House must be removed from their office, businesses who donate to suppress voting and make it more difficult for anyone to have their say as prescribed by law, must be boycotted and ruined. Celebrities, artists of any sort who still supported that man twice impeached and who claims the previous election was stolen from him, should be ruined and their art, television shows, movies not purchased or watched.

Yes, people have a right to choose whom they vote for and support, but when they support one who is a racist, traitor, corrupt, sexual predator, and liar, then such decision must have consequences and that should be ruin and public humiliation. We need to unite and fight these injustices online, in the streets, in the written word, names must be named and kept out on the spotlight, so they are not forgotten.

Politicians who maintain their hold on their positions, however, have some questionable deeds in the past are held accountable and prosecuted once the truth is found out about their criminal behavior. We need to open people’s eyes to the truth, some people need to be educated on what is truly going on, make sure they get facts information, not lies and conspiracy theories as those on extreme right wing media.

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