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We are at a turning point in our lives when we must rise just as those long ago rose to declare their independence from a foreign nation. Now, we must rise against those trying to bring us back to a time when women didn’t have rights, when people of a different skin tone were enslaved, murdered, and discriminated against with impunity. Our rights and freedom are in jeopardy. But we think that just by complaining matters will be resolved, no, businesses supporting human right’s violations must be boycotted, states taking away women rights must be attacked in every way possible.

Any public figure fighting against what is right needs to be removed from office regardless of the means. Politeness and compromising brought us here, those ignorant enough to suppress a woman from doing whatever she wants with her body are reprehensible and not worthy of being listened to, much less understood, those suppressing voting because of a person’s skin color are not worthy of respect and should be done away with. Those wanting to shove the lies and fairy tales written in a book are too close minded and clueless to be heard, much less given any sort of voice.

We have put ourselves here, we deceived ourselves into believing that compromise and bipartisanship was the right way, no it isn’t. Just look at what we have done, look where that understanding has put us. Despicable individuals who think science is wrong and a vaccine proven to deter from an illness that has killed over 500.000 in just the US alone, is dangerous and only meant to control humans, but then turn to taking a medication intended to deworm horses. Really, in what world is anyone with sense supposed to give that ignorance and stupidity any time or respect. And ironically, those are the same people wanting to suppress voting based on race and taking away the right of women to do with their bodies as they please.

How despicable and disgusting?

Most of those subscribing to such disgusting and divisive principles are Republican/Conservative. These people are a disease, they stubbornly dedicated to taking away rights, to enslaving, suppressing; why should we try to compromise with such ignorance? What is there to listen to from such people? Does anyone see what the point of being open minded to such ignorance is? No, these people are unable to understand facts, their ignorance has taken them down a hole headfirst and they continue to dig further into darkness, they believe by sinking further into the abyss of clueless their ideals will prevail, and victory will be theirs, and that triumph involves suppression, racism, division.

And so, we must ask, do we want that for our children?

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