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The devastating results of having a president who was elected under suspect circumstances back in 2016 are now beginning to be felt by all. The problem is we only look at the current president as being the culprit for the cost of living being so high. We must remember Trump gave billionaires a tax break, and at the same time raised taxes for those making less than 75,000 a year and made sure these taxes were increased every two years until 2027.

But many don’t want to see the lie and cruel deception the Republican party has become. A party of racism, division, deception, conspiracy theories, and lies, A party that will gladly kill women before allowing them to have an abortion. A party that will make a child victim of rape and abuse carry the seed of such violence to term.

It is very difficult to write this and not start hurling insults at such disgusting individuals. But we must remain intelligent and in control and hope that on November 8th, we show Republicans that our freedom, women’s health, and minority rights are what is important, and once these mandates are cemented once and for all, we will then move on to better the economy. Many will argue oh Democrats are just as bad, and corrupt. Yes, surely some of them are, but they will work to make the working-class people’s lives more manageable, they were the ones who gave minorities rights; therefore, they will continue to champion causes that benefit us all.

We must give the Democratic Party all the power, and we will see a change for the better. We will see the progress achieved through freedom and equal rights for all. Worship whatever god you wish, just don’t try to force others to believe in the same. Don’t have an abortion if you don’t want, but don’t ruin someone’s life by preventing that one to do as she wishes with her body. Consenting heterosexual adults should marry as they wish and allow other consenting adults to marry among themselves even if they are of the same sex because that is our right to do so.

We can only hope that on November 8th, the majority votes blue down the ballot, because that is the only way we will preserve the basis upon which the United States of America was founded, freedom. Yes, our freedom stands in peril, if we allow election deniers, racists, and religious zealots to have a majority in the future of our nation. These people are disease-carrying vermin, and like all illnesses, such mentalities must be eradicated.

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