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Does anyone noticed, how we are teased and toyed with as if we are children that must be kept amused for a while? And why do these old, corrupt, and mostly Caucasian men do it? Because we allow it, we allowed them to keep us content with crumbs of justice, but nothing of consequence. We are kept in check with words of decency, rule of law, and supposed investigations.

And we seem to forget of the many people imprisoned for much less crime than breaking into the capitol and being among those who caused the death of police officer. Or the one who incited the insurrection in the first place who was still then the president. Or those, who from a podium told those in a group to go and kick some a** and take names. Those who lied in the senate and congress stating that an election had been stolen. This scum, this corrupt trash should have all been rounded up and thrown in jail and charged with treason and while in prison an investigation conducted. And while they are being held offered deals to those who cooperated, isn’t that how many out there are handled by the authorities for less serious crimes?

Oh, but yes, that type of treatment is only reserved for none-Caucasian and less powerful people. True justice and the pursuit of such would mean, rounding up every single person in that insurrection and throwing them in jail because just by entering the capitol in such a way, they broke the law, trespassing on a federal building. Every politician, starting with that racist, lying, and corrupt traitor, -Trump-, who incited the mob should be thrown in prison. And go from there, offer deals, take pleas, conduct investigations, now, that would be justice in play. Instead, what is being done now is a mockery, those corrupt individuals are laughing at Congress saying they will testify while they promote a book, -Meadows-, and then going back on his word saying no, he won’t cooperate.

Why are all those scum bags being treated so nicely? Is it a charade being played by those who have a say, to keep those of us who don’t have a say, but must be kept content and somewhat calm? But we must abide by the rule of law and can’t rush justice. Is that what is said behind closed doors. We are being laughed at, we let 9 people in robes, among which we have a religious zealot, an alchoholic rapist, and a sexual predator, deciding on women’s health. Deciding on whether a woman can choose to save her life or not.

This is disgusting, millions of people are just standing by letting a hand full of men decide on all our lives and choosing who will be punished, who will receive the benefit of the doubt, who will be allowed to create an altercation, murder someone and claim self-defense. Which judge will be allowed to assist the defense in a criminal trial of one who murder someone and then claimed self-defense? These same people who did not nothing when a woman was murdered by the police as she was sleeping, but because the color of her skin nothing was done. These are the people who now defend a police officer who claim shot a suspect with a gun, because it was mistaken for a taser, and this cop is a veteran not just some rookie. These are the same people who allowed a cop to go free after he shot a kid as this played with a toy gun, oh, but that’s right that kid was not Caucasian therefore it doesn’t really matter.

The injustices could go on for pages and pages, what we must realize now is there is no real justice unless the cameras are on, the voices are loud, and the proof is obvious, otherwise, it doesn’t apply and if Caucasian the culprit can go free, if the culprit is Caucasian and wealthy and in government, then well we can all forget about the right thing being done, because they are the ones who decide what is right and wrong.

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