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LIES AND DECEPTIONS: A vicious cycle from generation to generation.

The concept behind the saying “nothing is black and white” comes along to excuse everything and give what does not deserve it, the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, extremes are reached in excusing even the most heinous of transgressions. Mental illness is the most common defense for committing murder, or worse even, mass murder.

Members of a light skin tone speak against people of a darker complexion, and such words excused by the freedom of speech right, but when the latter people speak against the former, these are just being racist and promoting violence. People exploit their positions of fame to proclaim conspiracy theories so farfetched, it boggles the mind to wonder why after such outrageousness are not these individuals thrown in a mental institution.

This all creates a fear to question because we are subjugated by the belief that family is all, even if they are toxic, full of negativity and narrow mindedness. And frustration begins to take shape and everyday it grows and strengthens, because even though we know what we must do, we refuse to take that step because of the fear instill in us by those who are the reason for our frustration in the first place.

A vicious unending cycle passed on from generation to generation with lies, deceptions, baseless arguments founded on fear and insecurity. It should not surprise anyone when a kid joins a gang who speaks to the many frustrations and give them a sense of belonging, a sense of power, of control. Or rely on consumption of some chemical which allows to forget or see despair from a relaxing not so harrowing or heart wrenching level. Or someone comes along and tells them their misery is because of the existence of others who do not look like them, do not love like them or think like them.

Therefore, we create binding chains keeping us from action, and in consequence we are frustrated, because defending oneself is not right, violence does not solve anything, we must respect others. What we should learn is respect and be civil towards those who reciprocate said behavior, otherwise, it is on!

The concept that every life is equal, is about the most absurd thing ever, for example, would we say that a rapist's life worth as much as that of his victim? A pedophile's life worth as much as that of the child he just raped. Or a serial killer’s life worth as much as one of his victims? We select what we want to break down and analyze but refuse to accept when a truth is too harsh, and the-all famous condescending proclamation “not everything is black and white” comes into play as if such is the end of all ends. In the justice system we worry more and take in consideration the well-being of the perpetrator of a crime and treat the victim as if they are at fault for what happened to them.

We say vanity and pride are a sin, therefore, to thank an inexistant being for what we have accomplished through discipline and work, and then we wonder why we become drug addicts, alcoholics, why we join gangs, why we suffer from mental illness, why we commit suicide. Because we are wired to lie to ourselves and seek purpose salvation in something that is beyond ourselves, when in reality it is all within us to grab a hold of the self and proceed to follow our dreams, desires, goals without hesitation, without fear, but with desire and passion, for such is needed for success, happiness, and above all, freedom.

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