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We are so quick to say let us forgive and forget so the healing can begin, and that is why scum like that the stormed our Capitol and others sit pretty in government having incited such behavior, and others enjoy the status of celebrities and are paid handsomely for starring in popular television shows or for releasing their music.

We are 2 days away from replacing the administration of the last four years which has not done anything worthwhile for our country. It has brought the true character of many out of there who hid in the shadows of hypocrisy and did not have an outlet for their hate. Now, they have revealed themselves and for a while deceived themselves into believing the country would go back to the days when segregation was the law, when Jim Crow ruled every day. But no, there are too many of us who have pledge allegiance to the United States and its Constitution. Even though some of us were born somewhere, we instead chose to pledge allegiance to this great land, to a flag and national and anthem that gives us goose bumps when we stand before it with our right hand over our hearts, or if in the military saluting. Yes, we have given, continue giving, and will give till the day we day the respect and obey the laws that we have chosen to uphold. So, for anyone telling us that we do not belong here and wanting to make us second class citizens, we only will say BRING IT!

We will fight you, no, we will not try to reason with you because you are beyond intelligent conversation and facts. Because in one breath you condemn a woman’s right to chose between having a child, she cannot take care of or not, and in the next, you have no problem with children being held in cages away from their parents. Because in one breath you will condemn someone for loving another of the same gender, but in the next you think that a man who paid hookers and porn stars off to shut them up is someone worthy of respect. Because if one breath you uphold flags and beliefs of those who believed in slavery and murdered millions of people because of their race, and in the next you state you fear your own race being eradicated. Yes, you and your kind are beyond redemption. Yes, you do not deserve respect, you do not deserve compassion, you do not deserve empathy. Because you have used words to excuse your action of January 6th that were reminiscent of those same words used by Nazis during the Nuremberg trial, when they said; “we were just following orders”. You follow orders of division, hate, violence, and such behavior, such inhumanity renders you worthless.

There are those among you who believe the government of the United States is being ran by lizard like people who engage in pedophilia. How absurd is this? How can anyone lacking common sense and at least an iota of intelligence be considered as worthy of anything other than disgust and contempt? And all these groups whose one common denominator is racism, are the ones who stormed the Capitol on January 6th, expecting to overthrow our government, because they believed the lies of that man in the White House who has told them that if he lost the election, it meant it was stolen. They only listened to Fox News which repeated the lies coming from that traitor in the White House.

Yes, you were all duped, deceived, your ignorance was turned against you and you were manipulated by someone using your insecurity as the force by which to push you to break the law and now you all must pay for it, because those of us law abiding citizens whom you have insulted, discriminated against and whom you wanted dead are coming for you. Those that manipulated you, only exposed you, before you were in hiding, now we know who you are, we can find your places of work, your businesses, your neighborhoods.

We have provided to this country and made it great, because you had nothing except a land full of hate and division, lacking diversity and sophistication. This is our nation too, we paid taxes, we have defended it against foreign enemies and now as the oath goes, we will defend it against you domestic enemies and terrorists.

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