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INVENTING ANNA: Nothing but delusional wannabe (review)

The limited series show titled “Inventing Anna” premiered on Netflix. This is based on the case of Anna Delvey a wannabe famous individual who conned friends, banks, businesses, and hotels out of thousands of dollars. The show has great acting, starting with its two main characters led by Julia Garner, who plays Anna Delvey and Anna Chlumsky, Vivian the reporter on whose writings this entire story is based.

The story is entertaining and well worth the hours it took to binge watch, no regrets here. No violence included which is quite refreshing or gratuitous nudity and sex. Funny? Absolutely. It is about a German woman only 26 years old, who imagines herself a brilliant socialite, with more intelligence, more ambition, more class and more of everything one can imagine, than anyone else. Yes, one of those a con artist. Someone who yes has the wits and drive to have accomplished greatness in any career, but instead decided to waste her talents in deceiving, stealing and conning people out of what she had not earned.

One character who has much to say is Delvey’s lawyer, played by Arian Moayed, a man who gives it all to a case where he stands to lose everything, family, credibility, time, and money. What is unbelievable is the care all these people had for that con artist, she was not lovable, far from caring, self-centered, egotistical, manipulative, and narcissistic. A person incapable of accepting responsibility for her deeds, instead always blaming others for their inability to see her for whom she was, well, what she in her delusional mind thought she was.

No, there is nothing to like of Anna Delvey, she uses people, and then as they are doing her bidding, she insults them and looks down on them because deep inside she looks down on herself for being nothing more than a criminal. These people feel sorry for her, what?! The last thing one should feel for Anna Delvey is pity. And what is amazing about this is it is based on truth, and it boggles the mind that people would be so gullible as to feel anything for such person other, than annoyance, disgust and despise.

If this were fictional we would probably not finish watching it all because of the outlandishness of the entire story, but it is based on reality and yes, it is fun and entertaining, truly deserves an A+, but such an individual with those antisocial characteristics and grifter behavior reminds of someone who just recently left the White House and was impeached twice and refuses to see himself for what he is, nothing but a despicable criminal who should be in prison. No, Anna Delvey’s crimes were not as serious as those perpetrated by the 45th president, but if we look at her character, we can see one whom if given the power and wealth would be just as cruel and corrupt.

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