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I am furious! I can't stand the injustice surrounding us. The blatant racism and disregard for humanity is beyond comprehension. African American men are shot for no other reason, other than the murdering cop being trigger happy, power hungry, or perhaps after 26 years of service in the police department confusing a taser for a gun…Not likely, should have come up with a different excuse.

And then we see a Caucasian male ram a truck into a police officer’s car, hit another with a hammer, then get on his truck and drag an officer holding onto the door, and yet no weapon was drawn…Incomprehensible, how can we possibly witness such indifference to life and decency. Wrongs as such make the blood boil and drives to question beliefs, respect, and even laws. How can these uniformed individuals hired to protect everyone, instead pick and choose whom are they going to harass, apprehend and even kill? Who are they? How dare they?

No, we must, no we shall not, no, we will not stand idly by and hear thoughts and prayers. No, those are just meaningless words, indifferent, and condescending. Instead, we must rise, and hold all those real criminals in uniform accountable for their actions. Every single person who feels they can insult and harass another person because the color of their skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or anything that makes them different from, will be dealt with and held responsible for such transgressions. They must be arrested, fined, jailed, if they own a business make sure they are ruined, if they are employed, make sure they are terminated. Yes, we must enforce this with relentless initiative and force, no more, we will no longer abide by such humiliations, no, we will not.

For decades, racist scum wearing hoods, or heads shaved, or wearing police uniforms have roamed the streets murdering people just because the color of their skin, religious belief, or sexual orientation. Well, we must put on end to this right now. We will hold those racist criminals accountable with great anger and vengeance because they have inflicted too much pain and we will no longer just hope for thoughts and prayers. No, we demand change, change will come to our everyday lives, because we all have a right to walk our streets and not fear being murdered only because of how we look.

And let’s not look too far to find the culprits behind these crimes, a lot of them have been known to belong to the Republican Party. That same party that elected a president who referred to those in a white supremacist rally as fine, -racist-, who believed the words of known dictator and assassin of those who disagree with him, Putin, over the findings of our intelligence agencies, -traitor-, who was accused by more than 23 women of sexual misconduct and rape, -sexual predator-, who allowed a foreign country Russia to elect him back in 2016, who used his office to promote his business, -corrupt-. Yes, anyone who supports such an individual and believes what he says, definitely has an issue with reality and truth, therefore, no wonder they are guilty of such atrocities and if given free rein, we could be certain they would do far worse.

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