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INFURIATING AND DESPICABLE: The deception being played right before our eyes.

Unnerving! Disgusting! The government of the United States has played us for as long as we have been alive, but now it is so obvious that really vomiting from the repulsion such deception has caused us, would be just the beginning. There is a criminal freely still voicing his lies, Trump, while there is so much evidence of his crimes while he held the office of president, that we can only scratch our heads in disbelief that such an individual is still a free man. The Mueller report stated that Trump could not be prosecuted for the crimes he participated in during the 2016 election until he, Trump, is out of office, well, he has been out for over a year now.

Trump is seen telling people to fight for their country, these fanatics who were already mad because he had lost the presidential election went ahead stormed Congress, police officers died as consequence of this attack by those domestic terrorists, that mind you were sent there earlier in the day by Trump, and yet they are looking for evidence of his inciting these terrorists to commit their treasonous act on our government. Before becoming president, this criminal -Trump-, committed financial crimes which the state of New York has found out, but Trump cannot be held accountable while president, well again, this criminal has been out of office for over a year.

There are so many lies from both sides that really it boggles the mind to say the least, but it is infuriating when we see how those individuals tell us they are working on it, but still that criminal, Trump, has the audacity to still hold rallies, spew his lies and incite his followers into committing more violence if he is to be indicted for his crimes.

We should be holding rallies, we should be staging sit downs, we should be protesting those alt-right groups who follow that criminal, Trump, and believe his way is the right way, and that would mean a country full of hate, division, violence and genocide, yes, they would like a country such as Germany was during WWII, when Nazis murdered anyone because the color of their skin, religion, sexual orientation and political ideology. We need to rise in mass and stand against those with such despicable ideas, they are a minority, we must hold them accountable for their words and desire for division.

We have an entire political party -Republicans-, supposedly comprised of intelligent people who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic; however, these same people stand by a man who told an angry mob to go ahead and take back their country because he lied to them by telling them the presidential election was stolen. And these same leaders and members of the Republican Party, defend those who stormed the capitol in an act of terrorism and claim they were just engaging in civil discourse.

But what is worse, is us here complaining about it, shaking our heads in self-condescending disgust, but used to the stupidity and ignorance plaguing our country, just as we used to do when the criminal Trump was president and day after day, we would shake our heads in disbelief at the newest lie coming out of the White House.

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