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Is it freedom of speech when someone’s life is threatened? Is it freedom of speech when racial beliefs and the eradication of people because of their race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, are upheld? No, it is not. Elected officials who claim that government is being ran by lizard like individuals who drink children’s blood?! Really, how low have we sunk, how embarrassing that our “freedom of speech” belief has driven us to watch this type of ignorance, celebrate a man who occupied the White House from 2017 to 2021, who spread lies any chance he got, conspiracy theories if he did not get his way.

This is not the time to sit idly by hoping that by some moment of enlightenment those who preach violence will realize their wrong. No, this is not going to happen. They will feel emboldened by our silence, they will see that for what it is cowardice on our part, or fear of them, and like the bullies they are, they will enact more and more attacks on whomever does not agree with their ignorance and hate. We are witnessing violence against Asian-Americans because of the lies utter by that racist, corrupt, lying, and sexual predator that use to be in the White House, -Trump-.

We must rise and bring that same hate at those who embrace white supremacy. They are disgusting, ignorant terrorists, who must be dealt with accordingly and bring them down by showing them what is like to be persecuted, and those in government who do not condemn them and denounce as the criminals they are, must be ousted from their positions and prosecuted whenever possible.

They are a disease, and illnesses are not reason with, they are eradicated.

Republican Senator from WI Ron Johnson stated that on the 6th of January he did not fear the racist mob that stormed the capitol, because they were law abiding citizens, really since do law abiding citizens murder and attack police officers. But is this mob that had been BLM or Antifa, he would have been concerned. What do we think should happen to an ignorant worthless piece of trash that says such outrageous and blatantly outright racist words?

We are being attacked by white supremacists, so we must all rise and overcome their hate. We must eradicate such immoral and inhumane principles, we must make sure our children can live in a society where people are respected and not judged as being undesirables only because the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their gender, or religious beliefs. Now, let us not forget that religious beliefs are often linked to terrorism and injustice, so on this we must be vigilant and careful not to accept or condemn too quickly.

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