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Disgusting and unjust what we noticed yesterday, as the jury came back with a not guilty verdict for that murderer -Kyle Rittenhouse-. But it came as no surprise since the judge -Bruce Schroeder- presiding over the trial seemed more like a third lawyer for the defense. We do not need a law degree to see how it all played out, anything that might have shed a negative light on the defendant dismissed by the bias judge, and victims portrayed as criminals, while the one on trial made to look like a victim of those whom he murdered. Does this make sense to anyone?

The victims in this case -Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber- murdered and a third Gaige Grosskreuz- injured. These victims were protesting the unjust shooting of an unarmed African American man -Jacob Blake- paralyzing him from the waist down by police officers from the Kenosha Police Dept. Therefore, we say racism and bias are at the core of the Rittenhouse case. The victims unarmed, but the perpetrator holding an AR-15 decided he would use this weapon of mass destruction to defend himself against those unarmed victims, really!

But what are going to do? Nothing. That is right, we are going to complain about this, until the next case comes up and in fact there is another case in the works, three men accused of murdering -Amar Arbery-. We hope those three racist murderers are convicted. But what if they are not? Once again, we will be outrage but do nothing and that is why the injustices keep happening, that is why racist cops keep beating and murdering unarmed suspects just because the color of the skin. That is why Caucasian judges get to select what evidence can be presented to the jury in a trial and make sure it does not portray the defendant, -if this is a Caucasian individual-, as being a bad person.

We are allowing racist and unjust individuals get away with the biases, we are not taking matters in our hands and rising angry and demanding justice. No more, shall we be victims. No more shall we allow cops to beat on people just because we will sit idly by screaming, and recording, but not protecting that one overpowered by a bunch of racist cops. No, more will we allow groups to preach their hate and desire for division.

We will then stand and voice our right to exist, to be free, to seek happiness, to raise our kids to be the best they can. Our right to love. Our right to do with our bodies as we so choose. Our right to worship in any way we choose, or not worship. Yes, it is time to abide by the words of the great Malcolm X, who said “A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything”

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