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The party that claims voter fraud, is the one on which proof of fraudulent voting has occurred, a republican man mailed in his dead mother’s ballot for Trump, another if Arizona voted twice. Of course, that individual -Trump- claims fraud because he is a walking lie, as the results of the 2016 election were. Because in that year he was assisted in winning by the dictator and assassin known as Putin. Once again, the party of projection has told us what they are, by accusing others of their crimes, transgressions, deceits and lies.

These are the same people who try to undermine equality movements such as LGTBQIA+ and BLM, Conservatives/Republicans who preach about moral values and family unity, but at the same time have no problem with children in cages separated from their parents. The same people who claim to love everyone, but then turn around and express derision and hate towards those who love another in the none-heterosexual way. These Conservative/Republicans are the same people who embrace the confederate flag a symbol of hate, slavery, and injustice, and claim that this is their heritage…Really! The contradictions are boundless, some are laughable, others irritating, but without exception they are all product of straight-out ignorance, stubbornness, and racism.

Every time these voices of Conservativism/Republicanism and religious zealotry speak up, it recalls a day when innocent people were slaughtered because of religious fanatics; yes 9/11 occurred because mentalities of division, hate and most of all religious blindness. These same people supported a man who was president for 4 years and who lied 16,241. A man who believed a known dictator and assassin such as Putin over the findings of our intelligence agencies, who stated that Russian intervened in the 2016 elections. A man who referred to people in a white supremacist rally as fine. A man who spent millions in golfing while in his properties, a man who was unfaithful to his first wife, with his second and proceeded to cheat on this with his now third wife. This third wife having been a porn star as it has been well documented. And this man was in turn unfaithful to his ex-porn star wife with other porn stars. And those that support him, referred to this woman as a “lady” while talking down to an educated, sophisticated, and beautiful woman such as Michelle Obama, but it doesn’t take a genius why these types of people would look down on an exemplary woman such as Mrs. Obama, after all, these are the same people who believe that those terrorists that stormed the capitol on Jan 6 were true patriots, these are the same people who say that George Floyd got what he deserved for not complying with the police, even though the man was murdered while already handcuffed and lying on the ground. These are the same people who say blue lives matter when police officers stormed a house and murdered Breonna Taylor as she slept. The same people who defend a veteran cop for shooting a man with her gun rather than her taser by mistake.

Yes, Conservative/Republican are the people who defend these injustices, contradict themselves, talk of values, human decency and respect and then turn around and use the “N” towards another human being only because the color of their skin. Or refer to a Hispanic individual as Mexican and immediately assume they are entering the country illegally. Or blame a person of Asian decent for the Corona virus that has killed so many. This is all documented, the state of our great country is in disarray because freedom of speech has been turned into freedom to hate and loudly express said despise.

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