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DESPICABLE AND CORRUPT: The obvious manipulation of our "supposed" justice system.

It is clear Trump is a criminal, the January 6th report clearly states that. The testimony of many who were next to him, -Trump- during those hours and witnessed his absolute disregard for what was going on depicts his lack of humanity, decency, and honesty. Why then is he not in handcuffs? This man should be in prison working on his defense for crimes committed against the nation and the constitution he swore to uphold. There are many people in prison, some convicted, others awaiting trial, and many others erroneously convicted or accused of lesser violations than what that Caucasian-racist-wealthy Trump did. But because of his physical characteristics is given the benefit of the doubt. If he was not above the law, he would have been arrested, charged, and kept in prison because he would be a flight risk, and the proper investigation and charges gathered up for trial. But our unjust system of justice laughs in our faces, a system proclaiming being blind, but only when the circumstances suit said blindness, otherwise, the suspect is thrown into a system too busy to pay attention, much less to be fair to anyone without the means to seek or pay for fairness.

Why does this happen? Because we don’t have people with the guts to call out the homegrown terrorists invading and trying to manage our lives. Those Republicans, MAGAS who want to suppress voting, take away women’s healthcare, and minority rights, who are xenophobic, racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. Yes, even those who are minority themselves, but proclaim being part of the Republican party, are the worse, because they have allowed a party that hates change, to convince them they are welcome in their mist, even though minorities have no place in the grand Caucasian-wealth 1% scheme of things. The minorities are only wanted for the vote, and once they cast it, they will be relegated to undesirables and thrown into the trash bin of society, for after voting they would have fulfilled their duty. But these people don’t see it, they can’t conceive of being treated as such, and why because their stubbornness has been reinforced by a lifetime of close-mindedness and refusal to think outside the box, and just for a moment listening to someone and not fearing ch

There’s this continuous whining about us not getting along anymore, not sharing ideas, and agreeing to disagree. That was never the case, we were deceiving ourselves, and we refused to see the reality of the division, racism, xenophobia, and misogynistic beliefs our neighbors and even family members held close to their hearts but hadn’t vocalized it. It reminds us of how we keep going back to family or relationships thinking things need to be worked out, but they never do because at some point we must realize others won’t change their way, and nor will we. There is this innate feeling within us that we must be among others even if they are toxic only because we are social beings. No, being among others who poisoned our being is destructive, and if we can’t find kindred opinions and beliefs that will enrich us, just as we will enrich them then solitude and introspection are welcome.

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