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How often do we hear bring back unity? How often do we hear, people just want to be listened and understood? Let us be honest, this is pathetic, and outright self-condescending.

Those who realized their error in believing in Trump have acknowledged this. But those who still support him, those who continue to believe the insurrection on January 6, 2021 was noble and right, those who still claim the election of 2020 was corrupt and the denied the victor as being President Biden; these people are the same as those soldiers for the Nazi Party in WWII, who after the fact used the defense as just following orders, but their inhumanity was latent in their deeds. Trump followers would not stop at anything, they are vicious, racist, hateful, stubbornly ignorant, and he feeds off their frustration, racism and anger and then gives it back ten-fold when he opens his despicable mouth.

Therefore, who wants to reason with such individuals, who wants to find common ground, is there anything in common at all? We expect the best out of people, and refuse to see evil when it presents itself, no one can reason with evil. Evil is bad, it is dark, it is unfair and unjust, it will not change its ways, and so we must keep it at bay, but not for an instance forgetting it exists. It exists among those religious zealots, known as Christians and Evangelicals. Those who preach about a just and loving god, but then claim that Trump is a man of god, really?

No, there is no reasoning with such outright ignorance and blindness to what is right. They have shown their true colors, they have proclaimed loud and clear where their principles and morality stands. They proclaim all lives matter, but do not care about children separated from their families and placed in cages. They refuse to accept a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, but then do not have a problem allowing anyone to possess a weapon only meant to kill people in large quantities with one squeeze of the trigger. They demonize and call unnatural those who identify with the LGBTQIA community, but then do not have a problem with preaches or priests in their mists molesting children.

Who wants to reason or find common ground with such deplorable kind? They will not change, they will hide until the times come for their hate to rise again, for another insurrection, or something worse. No, we must keep an eye on these individuals and taken for what they are, domestic terrorists. People who will follow a racist, corrupt, traitor and sexual predator to the ends of the world and do as he instruct them, no matter how wrong the deed might be.

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