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BLATANT INJUSTICE, CORRUPTION and IGNORANCE: Current state of American Democracy

Unbelievable, that in the year 2022, in supposedly the most advanced nation in the world -the United States of America-, books are being removed from libraries and schools. Children apparently are being indoctrinated into homosexuality by reading a book written by someone in the LGTBQ community, or a topic centering on relationships not conforming to only a man and woman; really! The alt-right and bible-thumping people whose ideals of racism and division control their everyday existence are the ones touting such outrageous and ignorant ideas. This is due to us the majority allowing ignorance to have a say in our education system, and our lives. Individuals of low moral fiber and ideals of division, among whom preachers supposed men of faith, instead, we find perverted individuals abusing children, and because on Sunday they can ask for forgiveness on any other day destroy and deface the innocence of helpless children.

These individuals are Christians from an alt-right mentality among whom racism, division, and hate thrive. These are the same individuals who profess patriotism while supporting an individual who incited an insurrection, among these, domestic terrorist groups have found a platform from which to spew their hateful and divisive rhetoric. Freedom of speech absolutely, but when used to instigate division and hate, why isn’t it condemned just as if we threaten the President? Justice Kavanaugh, the drunk rapist who lied to congress during his confirmation hearings, by stating that Roe v. Wade was settled law, then went ahead and voted to have this overturned, thus putting women’s lives and health in mortal danger, was threatened by a man who quickly was arrested and thrown in prison. We see how laws and punishment are meted out if it meets certain parameters or doesn’t disturb those in power and wealth. Just because it has always been that way, doesn’t mean it has to stay, the reason such injustice prevails is due to our general condoning of such actions. We excuse this with our self-defeatist attitude and self-condescending words such as, “we don’t have a say in the matter”.

These are the same people who support the twice impeached-racist -Trump-, who is being investigated for inciting an insurrection. Also, took classified documents upon leaving the White House and kept them in his Mar-A-Lago estate, and when asked to return them, as usual, stalled and ignored the requests. The Department of Justice then served a search warrant and took said documents back and in return, the twice impeached racist traitor -Trump-, demanded a special master be installed to look at the validity of the documents and search warrant. And as expected the request was granted by a judge who singlehandedly brought the investigation to a screeching halt and questioned the Justice Department’s decision to investigate a man who is a liar, traitor, and corrupt individual who hides behind powerful friends to break the law. His followers belong to two groups, the first being those wealthy who benefitted from the tax breaks Trump gave them while in office, or the second group, uneducated, racist individuals who see Trump as what they would like to be, wealthy, defiant, and indifferent towards anything good and decent and just doing as he pleases because he knows he will never be held accountable for his actions.

And here is the kicker, the judge who ruled in favor of the racist, traitor, -Trump-, is none other than a judge appointed to the bench by guess who? You got it, the corrupt racist, -Trump-. Isn’t that ironic, I wonder what compelled this judge to question the justice department’s decision to serve a search warrant and take documents stolen by the twice impeached -Trump-? Thus, preventing the investigation to proceed. The corruption is so obvious that it turns the stomach and infuriates to see all that scum safeguarding each other and protecting a corrupt criminal who betrayed the country and the oath he took to defend the country against enemies foreign and domestic, because after all, Trump is the biggest enemy the country has. Come to think of it, he does like exaggerations, so surely would embrace that title, of “the biggest, the greatest traitor to our nation”.

We are being laughed at; it has happened before. Yes, but now it is so obvious and blatant that to ignore means willful blindness. This is the consequence of our refusal to demand justice in the past when transgressions were swept under the rug and our attention was diverted to another event. The undeniable corruption in our justice system and political circles can’t be denied anymore, it has now hit us in the face, and we are witnessing a man guilty of treason, corruption, deceit, who instigated violence, being protected by everyone because apparently, they don’t want to annihilate a part of society. Well, if that percentage of society upholds a criminal then they must be criminals as well. It is comparable to saying, we won’t prosecute a criminal, because we don’t want to upset his or her family.

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