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ANOTHER COP GETS AWAY WITH MURDER: Duante Wright one more victim of racism

The racist cop Kim Potter from the Minneapolis Police Dept gets a 24-month sentence after receiving a guilty verdict for manslaughter for the murder of Duante Wright and using as an excuse that she confused the taser from her gun. This pathetic excuse from a veteran officer, who also trained others and oh she mistook one non-lethal weapon for a gun, really? The sentence meted by a judge who decided to shed crocodile tears from her seat. This is disgusting, unjust, and outrageous. These are the moments when blood pressure rises for the injustice, that those guilty of murder get away with the crime, excused only because the color of their skin. This corrupt cop is a Caucasian woman who murdered a Black kid and excused it by calling it a mistake.

Mistake?! She committed murder, she killed someone who was not even committing a crime. And after killing him, all she could do is yell that she was going to prison, to call her union rep, never did she asked how the victim was, or called for assistance. Mistake! Oh, murder is a mistake now, interesting. Our justice system is becoming a joke, just this week a man was freed after spending 44 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and today a racist cop gets away with murder, and guess what their skin tone is, yes, you are right the man unjustly incarcerated for a lifetime is black and the racist cop who got away with murder is Caucasian. Unnerving, it makes the blook boil to put up with such injustice and furthermore a judge crying from the bench excusing what the murder did.

I am furious because this is a travesty, a young man murdered who did not pose any threat, he was sitting in a car, no matter how you slice it, the cop is a murderer and those about her are accomplices. They should have arrested her right there and then. The judge is a joke. The entire thing was a circus, and Duante’s family get to live with this injustice for the rest of their lives, his young son grows up without a father, and the culprit gets a reprimand because again, she is a Caucasian woman who shed crocodile tears.

It isn’t just, it isn’t right, how many times must we hear of a person being murdered by the police, only because the victim is dark skinned individual and the police officers are Caucasian, how many more times must we see the truth right before our eyes that racism is the reason for these murders and we must do something, the courts obviously don’t have the answer and they are far from doing what is right and handing out just punishment. But no, we think that by sitting around complaining about these injustices and yelling for a while is sufficient, because the next minute we go about our business waiting until the next murder takes place and repeating the cycle again. It is enough, it is time to combat what is been going on for so long.

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