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Biden and Harris have won the election! That means that decency has returned, honesty and humanity will again reign in our White House and we will be proud to say our president resides there. The country rejoices and celebrates because respect has prevailed, because we said no more to racism, to division, to absolute disregard of everything this great country stands against, and yet what the current occupant of the White House stands for.

And of course, that corrupt, lying traitor who has insulted and denigrated the integrity of the White House and what it stands for, will not accept the result of the election. After all, there remain allegations regarding his victory in 2016 honestly, which he might have been achieved under questionable means. Therefore, he uses his favorite weapon reflection, he loves accusing others of what he is doing and what he truly is. Let’s not kid of ourselves a division has been created with the election of such a disgusting individual as that in the White House, the true colors of some 70 plus million people have been displayed, and it has become clear these people are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and incapable to feel pity for over 500 children currently in cages, some of whom, -and I truly hope this isn’t real-, might not ever find their parents. This alone is tragic and criminal, human rights have been violated by a criminal, and he may not ever be held accountable for this tragedy.

And yet, he continues to defy the Constitution by refusing to admit defeat and as any respectable and dignified individual would do, concede and start the transition of power. No, nothing noble or right can be expected from that worthless and disgusting man, -Trump-, and those other Republicans in power who refuse to speak against him are nothing but cowards, bowing their heads to someone who is nothing but repugnant and offensive. But still, two weeks has passed since the calling of the winner in the presidential election and rather than making a concession speech and collaborating in the transition of power, instead that self-centered and egotistical individual in the White House, chooses to drive by a march of his followers. Yes, a gathering, klan members, white supremacists, proud boys, and of course not belonging to any of those organization, nevertheless, still just as ignorant, racist and clueless, who claim that the election was stolen and that the current occupant of the White House should remain in office.

To say the current state of affairs in this country is in shambles would be an understatement, because numbers still rise of those infected by Covid-19. Children still linger in cages, people continue unemployed and without any hope of receiving help from those who have the power to assist. And the man in the White House who lost the election, still refuses to accept defeat and instead wastes time and money spreading lies and sowing discord with tweets and frivolous lawsuits claiming fraud in the election he lost.

#biden #decency #cages

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