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The day for change is in 9 days. Election Day, the day for all of us to vote out an ignorant, racist, lying, corrupt and sexual predator as the scum that has occupied the White House for the last 4 years, and along with him rid the nation of his cohorts, who excuse his behavior as not being the indications of a want to be dictator. It is the day, us, those who believe in respect, decency, acceptance, justice, ethics, accountability, and compassion, have been waiting for since that corrupt, lying traitor was elected in 2016.

The day when we tell white supremacists, and the rest of that scum that supports the current resident in the White House, that we believe in fairness.

Also, let us not ever forget those who now stand and cheer for that corrupt and racist scum, let us remember them when it comes to job applications and relationships. Why must we remember them? Because they carry a disease, their beliefs are that people other than Caucasians have a right to do as they please, because they won’t allow women to decide on their bodies, because they believe that anyone that loves someone other than the opposite sex is unworthy or respect and should be repudiated. Because they believe that we must abide by the lies in a book written centuries ago by a bunch of charlatans that said we should believe in something invisible, which in turn is capable of seeing everything and governs over all and will judge everyone at the end…Ignorant is what those who support that trash in the White House are.

We must rise and overcome that illiteracy, we must embrace change, inclusion, and avoid the principles of long ago that were nothing but lies, and self-deceptions so that we could go with existence, and refused to question because the answers were scarce and scary. We need to rise and heal from a plague that has already killed over 200,000, we must reunite over 500 children who are in cages with their parents. We must make sure that people with pre-existing conditions do not lose their medical insurance.

But above all, decency must be restored, become that beacon of hope that people look up to. Make sure our allies are close and embrace them, while we make sure our enemies, those nations led by dictators are looked on with mistrust and apprehension, and they are kept from spreading their corruption to other places.

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