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We the people of this country, us who believe in respect and honesty must rise up and combat the vile, disgusting behavior of that criminal sitting in the White House. That repulsive thing who brags about having the authority to do as he pleases. The scum that supports him are no better, they are disease carrying vermin and like illnesses, they must also be eradicated.

Those who can stop him, -Senate-, allow him to carry on, because the majority there are a bunch of corrupt and reprehensible felons as that repugnant pest in the White House. If one speaks to any supporter of this criminal, one gets an ear full on what the Clintons did or didn’t do, matter that have been investigated by their (Clintons) opponents or enemies and nothing was found.

Intelligence agencies have reported again that Russia is interfering in the elections for 2020 and all that traitor in the White House can say, is that the Democrats are creating a conspiracy. He was assisted by them (Russians) in 2016, because surely when no one sees or hears, he (the occupant of the White House) is assisting Putin with whatever this known dictator and assassin asks of him.

The greatest country in the world, our United States of America is in trouble, it is being directed by people with questionable behavior and intentions. And us the people who have a voice, a right and an obligation to speak up are not doing enough to fight against the criminals, liars and corrupt individuals who from day to day right before our eyes get away with betraying the oath, they took to uphold the Constitution.

What is mind boggling, is the outright refusal for the supporters of the current administration to see the truth, to open their eyes and realize the many lies that man in the White House has told them. We must once and for all accept that those who subscribe to conservative views, principles that go against acceptance of individual’s right to love one another, opinions that go against women’s rights to do as they please with their bodies, views that we must guide our lives by the stories written in a book that is nothing else but a fairy tale, opinions against those of a different race and belief that only Caucasian men should be in charge. That is the mentality of a Conservative or Republican, that that is wrong it goes against nature, decency, respect, ethics and above all reality.

Therefore, we must rise and combat those people and bring our country the United States of America to a state of respect, inclusion and justice. Where hard work pays off, where acceptance is embraced and where unity exists to repel racism, division and tyranny. Yes, we must rid the country of the vermin that go against these principles.

#racism #division #acceptance

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