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Self-deception and lying has been at the core of our existence from the moment we are born. We aren’t really born, but sent from someone who rules over our existences and has dimmed it righteous to “bless” us with a new life…We are deceived into believing that some guy with white beard, who resides somewhere in the coldest part of earth, with reindeer that fly that across the sky brings us gifts during Christmas time.

We are deceived into type of fairy coming along and giving us coins for our lost teeth, then there is an Easter Bunny, and all along we are told of a higher power that rules over everything and everyone, who will rewards us with peace and joy upon dying as long as we have lead a life based on commandments that were given to some man that lead an entire race across the dessert after splitting an ocean in two so as to create a passage for those people being taken to the promise land.

We are told that foul language and cussing is terrible, but then our elders use it nonchalantly and if we question this, we are chastised, punished and in some instances beaten because we aren’t to question that our elders who have a right and authority to do as they please. We are told that consuming alcohol and smoking is bad for our health and are habits that only adults can have because, again, they know better than everyone else and should not be questioned. Let’s not forget that some of these all-wise and all-knowing might indulge worse habits, which are not just self-destructive, but also more expensive and consumption of which is against the law.

And while all these contractions and lies are taking place we are told that those who brought us into the world are to be honored, respected, loved and cherished. Even though, mind you, they are clueless as to what existence is about and only can give advice based on their own experience, or repeat the words that their parents gave to them, simply put, a repetition of lies, deceptions and delusions.

If we take a moment and ponder with an open mind and objectivity, we will see that our entire lives have been built on intangibles, and based on those unfounded notions, we create more distractions that for a while keep us occupied and away from seeing how clueless we truly are and how at the end of the day, relativity is all that we can expect for nothing is certain, nothing is 100% percent. Some people are bad, but others are worse, some are good, but others are better.

There are no higher powers, we have created these self-deceptions to avoid facing the reality before our eyes, that each and everyone’s life is all that truly exists.


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