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A new decade is upon us and what a better time to make a change for the best. Time to oust the disgraceful and disgusting person sitting in the White House and all his cohorts who just as he, believe in the unethical, the wrong, the divisive, the criminal, and the racist to live their lives by and as long as their overflowing pockets keep on being stuffed then everything else is irrelevant.

Those of us, and lucky to say the great majority in this wonderful United States of America, who are intelligent, have common sense and see reality clearly must come together in full force and remove those criminals from office and shut those who support them. We must let those ignorant and racist members of the Republican Party, we will no longer be quiet, we will no longer allow them to spread their venom of division and despise. Let’s make sure such ignorance doesn’t rise again, only because a percentage in this country believe that we should go back to the days where people owned others because their color of their skin, when religion held the answer to everything, when women were relegated to second class citizens only good for bearing children and maintaining a tidy home. Because those who believing in such way of life are nothing but deplorable beings without respect or decency.

Yes, we must rise powerful, loud and defiant against what has transpired in the last 4 years and make sure it doesn’t happen again. We must be bigger, better, tougher. We are better than this, we believe in law abiding citizens to enjoy freedom and the pursue happiness, we believe in the right of consenting adults to love one another, we believe in the right of some to worship whomever god they please. The pursuit of greatness must prevail with those remember a past of primitive beliefs no longer applicable in an age of advancement, where technology on a day to day leaves us speechless of its achievements.

We must all come together and unify to make sure the United States of America remains a beacon of hope, the land where anyone can work hard and achieve their goals, a land were law abiding people can enjoy freedom of speech without fear of retaliation, or being ostracized by the masses, where justice exists and not just for those privileged few, but for all.

Let’s silence those who preach hate, who believe that the color of their skin makes them better than others, and those who have that different color of skin and yet side with those who speak against them are also silenced for ignorance, blindness and stupidity. Let’s remove the Republican Party from power, let’s make this another small cultish like ideology that preaches its hateful beliefs because they enjoy freedom of speech, but they still remain just a small inconsequential percentage of society that is shunned from mainstream intelligence, common sense and respect

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