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Will this be possible? The only way we will know that the 2020 elections were not rigged is if the current racist, corrupt and lying traitor sitting in the White House nowadays is not reelected. Otherwise, how can we expected that so many people did not listen to the testimony of many life long public servants who witnessed wrongdoing. That the current occupant of the White House is a liar and corrupt traitor is evident in everything that he has said and done in the last four years, that his supporters don’t want to face reality is another matter, but that man sitting in the White House is a criminal.

Senators who have sworn to be uphold the constitution are siding with lawyers who are defending the accused, does this sound unethical? These senators are supposed to be impartial jurors, but no, the majority leader a Republican of course Mitch McConnell has stated clearly that the senate majority, -Republicans- are working with the lawyers defending that liar in the White House to make sure that he remains in office and is cleared of any impeachment charges.

The time is high for those corrupt members of a party that is made up of people who believe in racism, division, and hate to be removed from their pedestals. The people who uphold these beliefs must be condemn to obscurity, they must be shut down and their opinions and primitive views relegated to a dark side of history, to a cultish status which is all they really are, blind followers and worshippers of a theory based on those who are Caucasian having the right to do as they please and referring others to a second class sort of beings.

We must rise and in unity proclaim that this nation is great because of all of us, not just because of one group. And based on this we must be vigilant and wonder will the upcoming elections be honest? The answer is only if that racist in chief is voted out and the Senate majority turned over to the Democrats. Then, can we say the United States of American remains a democracy.

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