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And how do we know that they celebrate the death of that child being held by customs? Because they still support that racist, traitor sitting in the White House. And it is obvious that if those supporters of that racist were given chance, they would commit atrocities as those committed by the Nazis. Because those ignorant supporters want to belong to have control of something, they want to undermine others, beat up, kill, maim, torture whomever they want only because of the color of their skin, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, because they detest everyone that isn’t low as they, as ignorant and narrow-minded as them.

The people that support such a man as the one sitting in the White House whose daily lies are documented, who has referred to white supremacists as fine, whose life is full with bankruptcies, divorces and scandal, are enemies of the state. People in government are afraid to say this, commentators on tv aren’t allowed to generalize like this, because they must answer to many others who just want to please everyone, well this article speaks for all those who are silenced and can’t voice what they feel, and that is that those who support the current administration are nothing but racist, enemies of the state, who want to go back to the days when Caucasian individuals could do whatever they wanted unto those of a difference race, religion, or sexual orientation.

This is all about common sense, these deductions don’t require a degree or some sort of subliminal insight, no just common sense and open mindedness to see reality plain and simple. There are criminals right now being led by a racist and corrupt man running the country and making decisions that will affect us all. And no, to those who think that because they are Caucasian they will benefit, oh no, they are deceived. They will be kept in the gutters they now occupy, they will not be given any power or any financial stability, they will be lied to as they have been and because they are clueless, these people will continue believing that they are held to a higher standard only because they can voice their hate loudly and no one criticizes them for it.

#racism #treason #deception

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