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Does anyone else finds this troubling? Honorable, respected, life long public servants with untouched reputations are now being questioned because of a man who dodged the draft five times claiming bone spurs and yet played football while in college, a man married 3 times who was unfaithful to his wives with porn stars and strippers, whose third wife now sitting in the White House called “First Lady”, posed nude in magazines. A man who has referred to participants in a white supremacist as being fine, who has insulted Vietnam veterans and claimed that he likes those who weren’t captured, as if the only reason they enlisted for was to be prisoners of war. A man who has referred to those seeking refuge from Latin American countries as being rapists and murders, when in reality only a small group of these people are questionable characters, the majority are hard working people just seeking to make a living for their families in peace. A man who had lied time after time about what he has said, even when confronted with his actual words managed to spin them to suit his current deception. A man who betrayed his country by believing a known assassin and dictator such as Putin, -president of Russia-, over the findings of our intelligence agencies. A man who praises dictators and corrupt leaders and at the same time disparages, insults, and disrespects our allies. A man who has been accused by 18 women of sexual abuse and rape. A man who has been sued by those who worked for him for unpaid wages and contract agreements. This man is Donald Trump the President of the United States, a liar, deceiver, and criminal in every way possible. Does anyone believe that anyone of those who have lived honorable and respectful lives should be questioned for anything they say about such despicable and disgusting individual? No, anyone with an iota of intelligence and common sense see the irony of what is going on in the United States nowadays. And only those who are ignorant, racists, misogynist, are still defending that despicable man.

Ant then there are those who still defend this unethical, corrupt and criminal man. They are the same people elected to uphold the laws of the country, who in previous years when a president not of their part, was caught lying about his affair with an intern in the White House, -something that pails in comparison to what is now happening in the same house-. Back then those same people asked for president Clinton’s head for something that in reality was actually between him and his wife to deal with, true he lied to the people, but that was just an affair, now we are dealing with actual crimes and those same people defend this racist sitting in the White House.

#WhiteHouse #racist #rape

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