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It is hilarious to watch the crowds that celebrate the racist, corrupt, lying and sexual predator in chief that sits on his fat ass in the White House, doing nothing except destroying lives and overturning what good was done before his ignorant dumb ass came along to mess things up.

But the crowds that celebrate this fool are mostly composed of illiterate, nasty looking, totally clueless fools, who only repeat what the idiot writes on his nonsensical tweets, or some of those so-called reporters on Fox News, -the essence of Fake News- tell them is going on. They are so stupid they don’t realize the contempt in that fool’s face as he lies to them and they cheer, they don’t realize that he would not allow any of them in one of his resorts because they would just dirt up the place, because in truth he finds them disgusting. They don’t realize that idiot, doesn’t know what is like to wonder where his next meal is coming from, or how the rent will be paid on hard times, or how medicine will be purchased for a sick child, therefore, how can he be trusted to work for those of us who know what is like to struggle and work our butts off, to just barely survive.

They don’t care about children in cages because they aren’t theirs, they don’t care about the pedophiles and rapists in their midst as long as they don’t rape their own. They profess being Christians, but they excuse a man who has divorced three times and has been unfaithful to all of them and paid porn stars for sex, accused by 18 women of rape and molestation.

Perhaps these supporters scream at the top of their lungs their belief that such disgusting individual would do anything for them, because reality they are trying to conceal the truth deep in their hearts that that same man who promises to work for them, would in reality take what little they have to enrich himself and his billionaire friends.

Yes, that is why we referred to you as ignorant, racist deplorables, because that is all you are.

#racist #traitor #ignorant

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