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Political correctness and decency don’t apply towards those who nowadays support a racist-lying-traitor such as the current occupant of the White House. Writing the name is an insult to the art and beauty of writing, so it shall be omitted, besides, it doesn’t take a genius to know who is meant by the racist-lying-traitor in chief. This refuses to condemn and accept that white supremacists pose a danger to the safety of many in this country. And that makes him a worthless racist.

Now, as far as those who support him and are Caucasian, that also means they are racist, because they surely aren’t part of the 1% who benefit from his corrupt ways, so why would they support someone who doesn’t benefit them at all. If not only because he is the type that they can relate to only because his skin tone is like theirs, furthermore he speaks in such an ignorant and incoherent manner that according to them they can relate to…Well they don’t deny their own ignorance, pathetic indeed. It is a communication pattern overwhelmed with hyperbole and repetition to make sense of comments that will never stand up on their own before anyone with any education, or common sense.

Just recently the racist in chief attacked Representative Ilhan Omar and used words that incited violence, it would be interesting to find out, if he thinks before he speaks and in spite of knowing what his words will cause he still goes ahead and voice said opinions, or if instead he is really that clueless and dumb as to speak without thinking. He threatens to violate immigration rules by sending those undocumented people seeking asylum to sanctuary cities, but not only this he continuously lies and back tracks on what he has said in the past. The man is an insult a disgrace, a sorry individual with an inferiority complex obvious in all his words and actions.

And so yes, because those ignorant mentalities exist and because they have a voice is why the time for decency and respect towards a specific group of people must come to an end. They carry a disease whose symptoms are ignorance, narrow mindedness, division, hate, and like all illnesses this one also must be eradicated. Yes, that kind of people must be repudiated, they must be look down and avoided as one would avoid a plague, or worse even because plagues are transmitted by accident and unsuspecting persons fall victims to the contagion, but those are worse because the contamination that some people had become plagued by is a choice nowadays, a decision on their part to remain hateful, ignorant, racist, and in turn educate those they raise with similar despicable ideas of hate, racism, prejudice and division.

Those of us who believe in unity, in the right of the people to choose whom they love, the right of women to choose what to do with their bodies, the right of every human being to seek happiness and success without worrying about being persecuted because the color of their skin or religion they might follow, we must unite and do away with those who preach division and hate, let’s not forget what happened in Germany when people didn’t believe that Hitler and his disgusting ideas didn’t pose a danger.

#racist #RepresentativeIlhanOman #division

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