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Does this make sense to anyone? A man is elected president, -Trump-, despite insulting a national hero late Senator John McCain, making fun of a handicapped reporter, stating that because he is famous, he can grab women by the crotch and they won’t mind, referring to people coming across our border as being criminals. Using hyperbole as the means by which to make sense of statements that in spite of number words, still remain nonsensical, childish and at times ignorant at best. A man three-times divorced due to infidelities, a man involved in innumerable lawsuits from people who had done honest work for him and yet he had decided not to pay them their due. A man who had in the past been accused of racism by not allowing African-Americans to rent in his properties.

Upon taking office, lies poured out of the White House including the meaningless size of the crowd at his inauguration which indeed was one of the smaller crowds for such an event. Many of those handpicked by the newly elected president have resigned under a cloud of mystery or to avoid being looked into and perhaps questionable deeds found out, nine others have been indicted for crimes related to the Trump campaign and connections with Russia, something that for those who are unable to understand the extent of which is treason.

The man campaigned on a promise to build a wall at the southern border with funds that Mexico would provide…Well, of course this didn’t pan out, so 34 days ago he closed the government because the House will not approve of $5.7 billion that can be used for far more important things and will not be allocated for building this wall that was to be funded by Mexico, so now, does anyone else see the contradiction and outright nonsense behind this?

While in office, Trump has referred to those marching in a white supremacist rally as fine, and that makes him a racist. He has taken the word of Putin a known dictator and assassin of his opponents, over the findings of our intelligence agencies regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and this makes him a traitor. He has stated he had no business in Russia, then stated that this was not done while campaigning, then went on to state that these negotiations were no longer entertained upon taking office, that makes him a liar.

And now, after reopening the government with a 21-day timeline in which he will get his $5.7 billion for this idiotic wall or barrier, otherwise he will shut down the government again and declare a national emergency. What in the world is this? How can this great nation be at the mercy of this individual who sits in the White House only because 62,985,105 people who just wanted to see a Caucasian man in the White House, who believed or turned a blind to the reality before them, that they were voting for a corrupt, unprincipled and outright disgusting individual. This is absurd and ludicrous and if this was happening in another country, we would be throwing our arms in the air stating how ridiculous this is that a nation would allow their elected officials to be such scum.

So why are we standing idly by…

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