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The government’s shutdown and its effects will start to trickle down and affect everyone, let’s not lie to ourselves, 800,000 people have a lot buying power and, in many ways, invest into the economy. The question then comes up, are we going to allow that individual who sits in the White House destroy our great country, because he doesn’t get a stupid wall that will not prevent anyone from entering the United States illegally, because when there is a will, there is a way?

A working person trusting a man that did business by defaulting on loans, not paying subcontractors, and declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying is laughable, and corroborates that the only reason they voted for that individual is because he is a Caucasian male. That is all they see, that is all they care for, the majority of those voting for him will remain poor, ignorant, and racist, so they might as well look at a man that resembles them only in skin tone.

It is unbelievable that our great nation is now being manipulated in such callous manner by a man who behaves carelessly, impulsively and without regard for honesty. And this occurred because we stayed away from the voting booths and thus gave way for a number of people who disregarding decency, inclusion and facts chose a man for the highest office in the country based solely on race, otherwise, how can it be explained that a man who lied at every chance he got, who disrespected women by speaking of them as though they were objects to be amused by and who has engaged dishonesty throughout his life be elected as president?

And now we stand idly by waiting for a group of corrupt men to decide if they should condemn or if more proof is necessary to once and for all point the finger at the only person guilty for the disarray our country finds itself in, the man sitting in the White House, no he does not deserve to be addressed as others who honorably sat in that office and sought to do as best as they could for the nation that elected them. The man sitting in that office does not deserve respect, because he has insulted, he has betrayed, he has lied, he has done everything we teach our children not to do…He is indecent, unethical or total disaster of a person, an insult to the office and the house he now occupies.

We must demand for restoration of decency, for the United States to again be respected for being the epitome of inclusion, justice and ethics. The country that condemns Russia and its dictator and assassin leader Putin, the country that deals with North Korea from a distance and doesn’t trust its ruthless leader any further than anyone can throw him, the country that condemns and repudiates the murderer leader in Syria. Yes, we demand that our nation be brought back to decency, we demand that racism be eradicated, we demand that children separated from their families be reunited, yes, we demand that our country’s honor be returned.

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