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Let us keep in mind the following names and their support for that racist traitor that plays more golf than the professionals, and who stated during the campaign that he would not have time to golf because he would be working for the America people, yeah right, of course a person would have to have been illiterate and dumb to believe such crap. But we know, unfortunately, that many that fit that status of uneducated and clueless were taken by that unbelievable rhetoric by a man who stands for everything that is wrong, criminal, and disgusting.

And if you support him, then you are just as bad as he, and unfortunately the names of all those guilty of putting such a reprehensible being in the White House can’t be gathered, however, we can mention a few who have garnered some type of fame and by them supporting such a racist traitor, then we can gather they lack any principles and patriotic traits, so let’s make sure these individuals are repudiated and ostracized, and all their future projects find themselves in the garbage even before they get started: John Ratzenberger, Lou Ferrigno, Hulk Hogan, Stephen Baldwin, Scott Baio, Loretta Lynn, Antonio Sabato Jr. Dana White, Jon Voight, Gene Simmons, Stacy Dash, Ted Nugent, Paul O’Neill, Dean Cain, Kid Rock, Robert Davi, Johnny Damon, Bob Knight, Jesse James, Mike Tyson, Gary Busey, Teresa Giudice, Dennis Rodman, Mike Ditka, Tia Tequila, Terrell Owens, Wayne Newton, Willie Robertson, Susan Sarandon, Charlie Sheen, James Woods, and Kanye West, these are of course just a handful.

This time there is no ideology, no agreement to disagree, now is about basic principles, decency, respect, unity. None of that exists in the current administration by actions and words make it clear that either a person is with them, or against them without taking in consideration difference of opinion. And those who continue supporting such abomination is either blind, or just as bas as those in the White House, who day after day defend and try to make sense of the repulsiveness that now lingers in that beautiful house. It does remain unbelievable that people who are suppose artists, who in turn need to explore humanity and it’s needs could actually stand for someone who insults struggle, acceptance, and hard work. Athletes who for years fight pain, rejection, and yet continue training and by this refusal to give up succeed in their field, now support one who has through corruption, deceit, and fraud have amassed a fortune.

There is no hope here that through these truths minds already set on racism, division, and violence will be changed. No, ignorance is like an addiction, which unless accepted by the sufferer and a heartfelt decision to overcome is made, it will remain alive and fester in its revulsion and blindness, refusing to see the wrong of its ways and stubbornly digging a deeper and deeper hole of isolation and self-degradation until so deep rooted that nothing nor anyone can cure it.

#boycott #celebrities #racist

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