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The corruption and disregard for our nations’ safety is being threatened by the traitor in the White House, a man who without doubt is a racist, a liar, a misogynist, a sexual predator, a corrupt and puppet of Putin, a known assassin and dictator. What is wrong with us? How can we stand by just talking about this atrocity and yet, watch and wait for the next lie, so that we can be outraged again, and then back at it again? Is this ridiculous or what?

There were 12 new indictments of Russian nationals who interfered in our 2016 elections, and yet that racist who stole the presidency is going ahead with a summit with the man behind the interference in our elections; what in the world is wrong with this picture?

This country finds itself at a juncture when all those who believe in good, fairness, civility, and respect must come together and focus on defending this nation from the Republican party who is set on putting us all on a path towards Fascism and archaic principles where humanity was ruled based on religious lies and deceptions. The president, a Republican, the House and Senate controlled by Republicans is corrupted. Our intelligence agencies have found out that Russia meddled in the elections, and that is short of an act of war, there should not be any summit, any talks, instead everything should be done to sanction that country full of oligarchs, and all agencies here in the United States put on highest alert and given free rein to do everything necessary to avoid any further meddling.

But the total opposite is taking place, the president a well-documented racist is meeting with a known dictator and assassin, -Putin-, in the hopes that they can become friends, and of course this meeting is going to be private only the two leaders and two translators…Isn’t that interesting? The question begs to be asked; what if Obama had done such a thing, what would the paranoid and conspiracy theorists in the Republican party would have said? One can only imagine the atrocities that would have been voiced by those who nowadays endorse a sexual predator, a corrupt man who has declared bankruptcy and benefited from that, a man who uses the presidency to plug his own resorts, a man who endorsed a child molester for the Senate, a man who referred to those in a white supremacist rally as fine…

Disgusting and repulsive, not only such outright disregard for decency, but most of all those who embrace such stomach turning principles as their own and profess that no such thing exists, when in reality anyone with an iota of intelligence can see without doubt that the Republican party is full of racists, corrupt, and religious freaks who want to destroy this great nation.

#corruption #racism #meddling

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