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Self-condescending seems to be the way by which society expects us to live by, in one sentence it is said that we must be ourselves and never give up, in the next breath we are told to be humble and be grateful to that which is greater than ourselves. At other times we are told to avoid those who keeps us from growing and becoming our best, but at the same time those who distance themselves and search for their truth are referred to as arrogant, self-centered, and egotistical…

It is a mixture of uncertainty and inability for most to grab a hold of themselves and run for what they want, and if they stop to listen to those around, they will never get going again, because those who are worthy of being listen to will never stop you from moving forward and those that will stop, just need to get moving themselves and not be obstacles.

And all contradictions and deceit start at a young age, when we are made to believe in that being up above that doesn’t exist, but some choose to continue lying to themselves, because being separated from the mediocrity in which they were raised is terrifying. And the lies continue, with made up characters to celebrate various holidays and give existence a meaning that if looked into its intangibility and absurdity will be astonishing. What is all this about, if not a bunch of lies to feed kids thinking it is amusing because they are children, but in reality, they will be offended and hurt when they realize that is all make believe, but since they were raised to be meek and humbled themselves before elders who are more confused than them, they move on through life eventually growing up and repeating the same lies to those that follow…

We need to understand that each person is an individual whose past, present, and future will affect in different ways from his or her neighbor; therefore, that individual must search for his or her truth, not taking into account those that hold back, by criticizing, and antagonizing that one who longs to find their niche. Every person is a world within them, every person can express the same feeling in a different way, every person can see and express their own sentiments towards what they have just witnessed or seen. And if a person, institution, dogma dictates that it must be followed blindly, then it is not wise to do so, because just by the meaning of the word “dictate” that entails a supremacy over everything else, this must be avoided like what it is a disease that will eat at the person, like gangrene until nothing healthy remains.

#self #beliefs #institution

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