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It is aggravating and frustrating how day after day, a clown of a president and a joke as a human being, is allowed to lie to everyone, and no one has the gull to call him out on his deceits and continuous belittling of our justice system and law enforcement agencies. The only reason he does this is because he is afraid that they will find out how corrupt and dishonest he has been his entire miserable existence. We must not tire of calling out the racism, corruption, lying, so obviously coming out of the White House day after day. A systematic disregard for decency and respect that have emboldened racist groups and racist mentalities to spew out their ignorance and hate…How can this be happening in this day and age; how can we allow this to take place? Where is the outrage and calling out, no, we don’t mean respectful comments and subdued almost embarrassed signs of outrage at this behavior, no, we want this yelled out, screamed of the top of our lungs, we want arrests, we want names be called out and printed for the entire world to see those who are going against everything that is decent…

We are witnessing the greatest nation of all being destroyed by a man who will choose the judges that will have to pass verdict on his transgressions. This is outrageous, this is outright disgusting, and we assumed that this type of atrocities only happened in Third Word countries, really, it is happening here in the most technological and advanced nation of all. The reason is happening here, is because archaic ideas of racism, division, and outright ignorance that elected such corrupt individual.

It has been found that Russia meddled in the presidential elections and assisted in electing him and now he is ready for a summit with Putin, to do what? Perhaps, work out the details on the upcoming mid-term elections and how to make sure that Republicans remain in majority, so that the racist pig in chief can benefit from his corrupt ways, and be protected by a group of racist-bible thumping-and just as corrupt individuals. What is going on in this country is absurd and disgusting, and all because a majority who adheres to division, racism, and archaic principles voted for a man based solely on the color of his skin, because in reality he never said anything of substance, he only exaggerated and relied on hyperbole to rise the masses of ignorance following him, but never paved the way or spoke of a clear plan to achieve what he was promising. And because of this obvious reality is why those of us who believe in fairness, equality, respect, inclusion, and diversity know that those that voted for him only did so out of ignorance and racism.

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