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Participating in the March For Our Lives in Orlando gave not only a sense of pride and humanity unlike anything before felt, but also meeting and speaking with survivors from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School and from Pulse Nightclub was humbling. And it puts the question of why, in the forefront…How can anyone be so inhuman and shoot these innocent people for no reason. No, mental health is an excuse not a cause, however, making weapons created for war and to kill masses of people available for civilians is the problem.

It doesn’t take a genius to look at those charged with mass murders in recent years, to see the loser and lonely type who finds himself ignored and left behind by those around them, and so having access to a weapon for mass destruction decides to go out and make himself be noticed and seen as someone who can do something to grab everyone’s attention. If they were mentally ill, they would not have planned their actions to cause massive destruction and chaos, no, they are not mentally ill, they are losers wanting attention…

Therefore assault weapons must be banned from the hands of civilians who claim having them for their own protection, that is such a ludicrous argument that people who state those words should be embarrassed as to how ignorant they really sound…And for those who claim people kill people not guns, do they realize that you need a person to operate the gun in order for it to fire, do these people think before they speak these absurd ideas, or is their ignorance so profound that they don’t realize they are repeating a nonsensical cliché…

These minds will not be changed, they will continue to believe that mental health is the problem, or perhaps that more guns will prevent deaths…Really, now how illogical does that sound, more guns to prevent gun violence…These are the type of irrational solutions that have been stated lately, and these are from whom, from the NRA who ironically will benefit from more gun sales and from politicians who receive donations from the NRA that keeps them in their positions of power to decide on the safety of their constituents, as long as that decision agrees with that powerful organization that benefits from the sale of more guns. This contradiction, this injustice, this disregard for humanity is the reason for which come November 2018, mid-term elections, we must rise and be loud in our disgust to the current status quo and vote out those who have lied to us, and pretended that they care for our safety, we must vote out those who support a president who have no respect, no ethics, no honesty, who in reality have nothing worthy of praise. They must go, those archaic ideas, those corrupt mentalities must be relegated to the annals of a past best forgotten.

It has happened too often when a loser wanting attention grabs a hold of a weapon for mass destruction and destroys lives, promising lives, beautiful lives, only because this weapon was made readily available for ignorance and stupidity to make itself be heard…

#lives #November #insecurity

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