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This is what matters, this is what is important, country, the United States of America is above everyone, because without the country there will be no place for anyone and if the president is a traitor to the Constitution and everything this great nation stands for, then that person like anyone else must be treated as an enemy of the state and dealt with accordingly. However, many elected officials and others who have swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America are turning a blind eye to what is being shown for all to see, it isn’t made up, it is right there for all those who want to see the truth.

A president who is beyond reprehensible and disgusting in manner, actions, and even tweeting ways, as though a spoiled brat venting on social media and insulting those who disagree with him, only because they see him for what he truly is a man of no principles, no ethics, and borderline insane. Those of us who have a sense of decency and respect cannot wait for primaries and start removing members of congress and senate who refuse to speak against a president that lacks all qualities of what we respect in leaders and instead have all the faults of dictators that we have despised throughout history.

There are Republican members of congress and senate who despite taking an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend the country against “all” enemies foreign and domestic, have decided to disregard this pledge and instead hang on to a base they presume will keep them in the job for at least another term. There can only be hope that their time for reckoning will come to them sooner than later, by losing what they hoped their traitorous ways would help them keep. That is how to show them all dishonest and unethical political figures, who are now an embarrassment to the Republican Party, one who always fought against being friendly with Russia, one who wanted to uphold values…Now, instead we see them for what they truly are,

people that have no idea what principles are, but instead support the ignorance and disgusting words coming out of the White House from a president who just to name a few is a racist, a sexual predator, a traitor this last one for believing -Putin- a known dictator and murder over the findings of our intelligence agencies; these are just a few of the many faults this corrupt and unethical man holding the highest office in the country is guilty off.

And the voters, what can be said about these except that they are a symptom of the disease corroding the United States of America, they either did not hear the man campaigning who insulted, shown his disgusting nature, and didn’t hear him claim working with people that were not the most ethical people in the world, or they ignore this because they believed that such a man with no scruples, respect for anyone, and obviously corrupt due to the many lawsuits filed against him throughout the years, and thought that such an individual would do anything worthwhile for them. No, at heart most of those that voted for this man only voted for the optics; a white man! That is all they saw, that is all they care for…

#dececy #respect #etchics

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