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This is a very dangerous time in our country, not only do we have a corrupt, racist, and clueless president, but worse even being a man of little sense and easily manipulated by seasoned leaders, is a great admirer and friend with a known murdering dictator such as Putin and now is going to meet Kim Jung Un, another ruthless leader who will stop at nothing to maintain a strong hold on his nation, and surely bomb anyone who dares threaten his regime. This all sounds like a script for a movie that will make all sigh in relief that it is just a movie, and things like this don’t happen in real life, well, this is not a fascinating movie idea, but instead a very troubling reality.

It is obvious that these manipulating leaders know that 45 is a man who is easily manipulated and impressionable, one whom they can have in their palm just by complementing him. The current president is an embarrassment to diplomacy, to decency, to respect, to compassion, to ethics. This is man who behaves like a clown, as we watched him in PA last night, imitating what a true president should behave. Someone forgot to tell him, he is not a comedian and that such childish shenanigans are unbecoming a man in his position.

And then we are in the year 2018 and yet many people out there feel that judging others by the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, or race are the parameters by which to measure a person’s worth. This disgusting behavior which some of us thought was isolated and relegated to a few ignorant people, now has become clear is alive and well in a large percentage of people, enough to elect a president who in turn referred to white supremacists as fine people. The nastiness, the ignorance, the outright reprehensible behavior now emanating from the White House, is revolting, and it has tainted one of the most iconic and revered monuments to democracy, freedom, and inclusion.

How did this happen? How can this be in an age of imaginable technological advances, could we have this deplorable behavior in our midst? Such mentalities, such attitudes in masses were part of a past that we hoped was relegated a dark part of history, instead we realize we are still living it, we still have these disgusting individuals who preach segregation, separation, and division as the way by which to lead this nation, when in reality open mindedness and a melting pot of ideas and principles are what have made the United States of America the greatest nation on earth, an example of the greatness of freedom, hard work, and inclusion.

But there are those who want to destroy this and bring us back to a time of hate, division, and ignorance. Well no, this will not happen, this will not be allowed because if you feel neglected and abandoned is only because you have isolated yourself by believing that you are due something solely because of how you look, and that is not what this country was founded on, instead this nation was created on hard work and creativity and this last arises from open mindedness and respect….

#decency #respect #45 #UnitedStatesofAmerica #leaders

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