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There comes a time in everyone’s existence when a decision must be taken, and it is perhaps the scariest of all decisions, that being do we follow the examples of those before us, or do we venture into the unknown with no guarantees? There needs to be self-assurance, -not to be confused with arrogance-, drive, skepticism, and above all animal instinct, and a bit of paranoia would not hurt…

A little insanity is required for such leap of faith, only driven by ambition and curiosity. The unknown is scary and at the same time fascinating, with endless possibilities and experiences that help us grow, mature, but above all widens our horizons and open our minds. But one must also realize that this journey and to grasp everything it will offer must be taken alone, for then, that vulnerability will humble before the unknown thus allowing us to marvel at the complexity of its beauty. No one will agree with you, they will try to dissuade you from such ridiculous idea and with disdain tell you to grow up and face reality, that such ventures are just in books and that nothing good could be expected, in reality, they also wanted to seek the unknown, but fear of ridicule and perhaps childish stupidity kept them from finding themselves and of course they will tell those after them the same thing they were told and those before them were told, on and on…

The individual, one person, upon finding him or herself can stand alone before the world and proclaim his or her truth without shame, reservation, or fear…And that alone gives self-assurance and drive to seek what could have seemed impossible. It is a choice, but there must also exist an uncanny desire to defy, to question, and remain skeptical, otherwise, the frustration of foregoing such a dream will manifest itself in a destructive behavior it could be by way of consuming poison, or by inflicting pain on especially those who physically are weaker than us.

The power of one, the individual, the entity who sees the world from his or her point of view and no one can duplicate…The individual has created great things and made life changing discoveries, however, societies, races once united have managed to create wars and rained atrocities upon others who might have been weaker or lacked the appropriate defenses. Groups of people become selfish, greedy, self-centered and eventually callous towards those who aren’t like them, think like them, or believe like them.

But the individual has a great battle ahead to find it’s truth, it’s destination because temptation and distractions existed at every turn, disguised in promises of happiness, wealthy, and joy that in reality turn out to be self-destructive and personally degrading habits of mundane existence that exist solely to maintain the individual down dreaming and hoping but never acting only surrendering to a destiny of wishing and wanting, but never accomplishing for those are the foundation for the few to maintain their pedestals and altars of wealthy and greatness.


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