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There are times when a need to express ideas becomes overwhelming, and at the same time angst and fear arise. This is especially when those thoughts are to express our disgust over the government. And what bigger government do we know than the one here in the United States of America.

This year we have witnessed a divide and faced a reality that no one would have believed, if we had been told this last year. We would have not believed that there are enough racist people to elect a president, that this newly elected individual could lie time after time in order to divert attention from his corrupt ways, and we would just idly by criticizing, investigating, and waiting for the next deception. We would not have believed that a Senate candidate accused of pedophilia would refuse to back out, as more accusers come forth and he is unable to dispute the charges and only remain defiant and in turn only come up with conspiracy theories against him, and a governor would actually say that she would vote for that man in spite of him being accused pedophilia, but that she would not turn her back on her party’s candidate.

We must also consider that this type of ignorance is the type of human characteristic that allow the Nazis in Germany to rise and commit their well-documented atrocities. These kind of ignorance and narrow mindedness when in groups is dangerous, they will cling to whatever speaks to them and their inability to think outside of their small boxes, most just refuse to even consider anything beyond their limited horizon, because is wrong evil even and this must be avoided.

We find ourselves at a cross roads, a decisions must be made as to which side we stand on, either the one with respect for everyone, that allows everyone to pursue love and happiness, the one who condemns sexual predatory behavior, and believes that those accused of child molestation should be help accountable, the side who respects veterans and regard them with respect because of their sacrifice, or is it the side where only one race is considered worthy of all, where men who refer to women in a morbid and disgusting names, the same side that excuses a man of child molestation because he is a member of their party?

Those are our choices, there is no more belief that racism, bigoty, and outright ignorance is just something that occurs in segregated and out of the way places. No, it is right here before our own very eyes, in our big cities, the faces of deception are right before our very eyes, it could be our neighbors, our coworkers, who knows maybe even some members of our families. Such realization must fill anyone who is decent and honorable with disgust, apprehension, and disbelief. Because we are in the 21st century with major advances scientifically and technology wise, and yet such ignorance still has to be taken in consideration, and be mindful of so that we don’t get caught in its web of reprehensible behavior and disgusting beliefs.

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