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It is a fact that individuals have made a difference throughout history. Individuals have achieved greatness and made discoveries that have advanced the world. And yet when a person voices a desire for something unique, those around immediately jump with condemnation and criticism. It could be said that everyone wants change, but when it comes down to it, just about everyone will recoil in fear and find ways to explain the reasons why that change can’t be indulged. And there will be many, who condescendingly so will pat on the back and agree that yes, we are right to avoid that unknown, not because they believe it, but because with those words they are excusing their own fear and hiding their own inability to take a risk.

And because of this we cling to archaic and delusional beliefs that promise of a reward after the only thing we will ever know, thus spend years complaining, regretting, wondering what it would have been, and so some engage in activities that will make our already self-designated miserable lives; even worse. For instance, consumption of poisons that numbs, -temporarily so-, self-defeatist thoughts. Mind you, the following day those feelings will return, however, compounded or augmented by major body aches resulting from a night of abandonment. Or the individual might join some group that preaches to his or her insecurities and promise success and prosperity if the teachings of this clan are followed and thus repudiate those on the outside.

Racism, prejudice, bigotry thus rise out of narrow mindedness that cloud possibilities with a veil of fear and repudiation of what is different and not easily understood. These characteristics are latent in every location where generation after generation engage in the same old principles and ways of life and have nothing else to look forward to, therefore, they remain impoverished and underdeveloped, but here in America we have benefited from diversity ever since we can remember. Therefore, it is insulting that now some archaic minds ask that the past be brought back and ideas of division and separation be re-established to subdue those who may think, look, feel, love, or see differently.

The more people see, the more they read, the wider their horizons will become. They will see the beauty of diversity and realize the ugliness of stereotyping. But most of all we must avoid the fear of change, we must harness that childish fearlessness that sends us into the unknown with some reservation, nevertheless, longing to see what new adventures and knowledge we can find.

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