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The current events taking place in Washington D.C. should not surprise anyone that has an iota of common sense and ability to imagine the consequences of actions that are less than righteous. But of course, there are those out there, who allowed to be deceived, or lied to themselves into trusting a man with no ethical compass. A man who speaks with nastiness and is crass in behavior, no sense of elegance or class. No, just because a person wears expensive clothes doesn’t mean they are elegant, it only implies that they have money to spend that is all…

It would be terrible to think that society would rather have a person of such low standards leading them, because to what goal would such a person lead, if not to a place of degradation, embarrassment, and disillusion. Degradation because anything and everything of all value would lose its form and sensitivity. Embarrassment because shame would befall all that are lead, whether by choice or not, by such a deplorable being. And disillusion because there would not be time for hope of a brighter future, but a need to fight a present of unfairness and disruption.

There are those that will fight, rather argue -with no true facts, that the current administration is doing what it should, and this is only because they look at their 401k and they see a slight increase, or they look at Wall Street and see that the Dow has gone up since the election. But that is it, there has been a lot of talk about companies bringing jobs back to the United States, however, no proof with tangible numbers has yet been made available.

One thing we can all be certain is of illegal dealings between a foreign country, none other than Russia, and the presidential campaign of the now sitting president. Russia whether under Communist Regime or not, has always been an adversary of the United States, and anyone, especially a president cozying up to them is to be looked at twice and investigated for possible treason. Those who support the current administration love throwing conspiracy theories all over, accusing the federal government of being an enemy of the state, and assisting or being responsible for massacres that have taken place here. Ironically though, these same paranoid and nonsensical individuals refuse to see the possible conspiracy between the current president and the dictator from Russia in perhaps attempting to turn the USA into another dictatorship such as the one being led by Putin.

Oh no, that they won’t do, because they refuse to see the facts. They are stubbornly clinging to ideals that no longer apply, they refuse to see the world for what it is, an ever changing and evolving land that refuses to remain in a status quo and will move on in spite of those who want to fight against growth.

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