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On Friday, the country heard the president of the United States referred to some of its citizens as sons of b******. Now, this is the most outrageous words that any president has uttered. The man who is supposed to stand for all the people in his country, has insulted those who have exercised their right to protest, a right under the First Amendment. This taking place in the wake of this same man excusing and referring to some people participating in a white supremacist rally as “fine people”.

This man lacks integrity, respect, and sense, how dare he insult people, when he himself is being investigated for corruption within his campaign, maybe even colluding with a foreign nation during election something that if proven can be considered as treason. And he is doing all these while insulting the leader of North Korea and bringing us closer to a nuclear war. This is absurd and outrageous, what else does this man have to do to show us that he is unstable and incapable of leading our nation. When are the great minds in this country going to get together and do something drastic, something to show us, the citizens, that we aren’t all at the mercy of an illiterate moron, who acts like an irresponsible, spoiled, and self-entitled brat.

How long, are we all going to stand by and just vocalize our outrage and disgust? And yet continue watching this man day after day do or say something that rises our disgust and adds to the long list of grievances we have against him, and to which he should be held responsible for?

The only thing this man has done is draw a line in the sand to let everyone know that racism is alive and well in this country, that disrespect still is condone as long as it is flung at anyone who isn’t white.

This great country is in a state of turmoil and disgust only because of its president, who by the way won the election under questionable and suspicious tactics. And yet there are those who still defend this man who apparently don’t listen to everything he has said, and still believe in praising commentaries that supporters make about this president, however, if they listen to all his hateful rhetoric, insults, and disparaging remarks to all who don’t agree with him and yet still support him, than these people are truly what is wrong with this country and should be looked on carefully for their lack of sensitivity, common sense, respect, and humanity.

#UnitedStates #integrity #respect

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