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“Project Runway” is a designing competition where a group of designers are pitied against each other while being challenged on various forms of clothing designs. The host/judge of this show is the beautiful Heidi Klum, with fashionable Tim Gunn as mentor, and the two other judges are Zack Posen designer, and Nina Garcia fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine. The winner will receive a $100,000 to launch their own clothing line, a selection of sewing and embroidery equipment furnished by Brother and valued at $40,000, a lifetime supply of Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen, a 5-night star stay at Japan’s fashion center, and a 2018 Lexus NX.

First up, Shawn Buitendorp, whose inspiration was evil, black gown with a two-length skirt somewhat wrapped on the side with pleads, beautiful creation exuding elegance. Kentaro Kameyama, inspiration good, a white and off-white tone creation that flowed flawlessly and gave off an air innocence, yet elegant sexiness. Margarita Alvarez, inspiration evil, with a black fabric whose creation screamed evil, however, with some sort plumage on the shoulders that for a brief moment whispered custom. Brandon Kee, inspiration good, followed and this designer for the last two weeks has been praised, last night however, created something in pink that looked like a bag with slits on the bottom, with a short top tied at the wrists, it just looked borderline arts and crafts project.

Samantha Rei, whose inspiration was evil, turned out an outfit in a multicolored fabric whose green background accentuated the design that at first gave her some trouble to complete, going down the runway it looked elegant and flawless. Aaron Myers whose good inspired creation looked unfinished from the get go, with the model having to hold up the top, pieces of fabric hanging every which way and a single strip of fabric precariously holding placed there as though an afterthought, it looked cheap, amateurish, and ugly. Michael Brambila whose inspiration was evil produced an elegant outfit in a goldish type of fabric that indeed screamed evil, however, due to a head piece immediately gave rise to the word custom. Amy Bond inspiration good was next with a grey outfit which upon being opened in the front presented a loosely pink gown, creative, elegant, but lacking the wow factor.

Batani-Khalfani was next with an evil blue creation that made jaws dropped once it appeared on the runway, the elegance and self-assurance the garment gave off was unavoidable and without question one creation that will go into the annals of this show as one of the greatest designs of all time. Claire Buitendorp with a good inspired outfit in a lilac top see-through flowing skirt and shorts underneath, just left one wondering what in the world just happened, where is the creativity, no one with any sense of style would wear this outfit that was just blah. Ayana Ife inspiration good, produced an outfit that was neither good nor evil, in a brownish, yellow, and off-white tones with a crotchet looking top and a long skirt that just wasn’t creative, nor elegant. Kenya Freeman whose inspiration was evil, presented an outfit in red slacks and top, with ruffled black additions on the front and on the sleeves that looked more like a projects in arts crafts trying to appear like a custom, unimaginative and ugly.

Will not be a spoiler for those that have not watched the show, nevertheless, would love to hear opinions on these designs and on the personalities in this reality show, and what you think of this article “Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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